Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Just In Case You Ever Wondered....

Since last week was our first ever Week of Questions, I've had questions on the brain.

A while back, I gave all of you an opportunity to ask me anything you've ever wondered about kids with special needs.  No one asked a question so I took that to mean that I have been so forthcoming with incredibly informative and enlightening wisdom, you couldn't even think of anything to ask me.

That is what happened, right?

Whatever the reason, I thought I'd share something with you today.

One of my very favorite blogs is called Love That Max, written by Ellen, the mom of a son who has cerebral palsy.  I've learned quite a bit from her posts - plus she's got a great sense of humor.

Ellen recently began a new blog on the Parents Magazine website called To The Max and one of her very first posts was titled, "People's Questions About Kids With Special Needs, Answered".  I thought it offered some great insight into what can be a sensitive subject.  Ellen offers some tips on typical children and kids with special needs interaction that I think you'll find especially helpful.

And remember, the offer still stands.

You can always feel free to ask me a question - that is, if you can come up with something I've not already covered with my incredibly informative and enlightening wisdom.

Good luck.


  1. Ah, thank you for that nice shout out, I needed that today as I deal with hurricane aftermath! I am pleased you find me funny. My kids most definitely do not. Except when I burp.

    OK, here is a question for you: What's your favorite way to pick yourself up when you're a little bummed out?

  2. Ellen - I'm glad the timing of the shout out made you smile just a bit. I'm sorry to hear that you might be bummed out - and after looking at your blog today, I think Irene might have a little something to do with that, am I right?

    Normally, I would say organizing something usually takes my mind off of things and helps me feel a little "in control" when things seem out of control. But I think that might not work for you right now as I think you'll be organizing things the next couple of weeks just to get your house back in order!

    My second piece of advice would usually be to check yourself into a nice hotel and get a massage and room service - have 24 hours all to yourself. But you're already in a hotel.... Hmmm.... any chance your husband might let you have your own room??? :)

    So, here's what I say - Call a friend and go to lunch. Yes, you have an extra thousand things to do on top of the thousand things you normally do each day but it can wait for a little while. Call Staples and see if you can tip some nice young man to gather up all those school supplies that you're faced with buying AGAIN. Take a nap. Watch an incredibly brainless TV show - one where you can actually feel your IQ dropping. Let Sabrina eat Chuck E Cheese until she never wants to go there again. And find a good book to read right before you go to bed - I recommend The Help, if you haven't read it yet. Then get those chores knocked out and promise yourself when it's all done, you can DEFINITELY get a massage! And a new pair of shoes....

    If all else fails, you can jump on a plane and come to Austin, where we're roasting in the heat (110 degrees!) and dry as a bone from the drought! There have actually been two cases reported by the fire department of mulch spontaneously combusting! Ridiculous....


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