Thursday, August 18, 2011

My Big Mouth

Sometimes I forget that not everyone's kids are in therapy.

A while ago, Ryan and I were out with Lily, shopping for shoes.  We go to a great shoe store just for kids in Austin called Sandy's Shoes.  It's a popular place and can get quite crowded on the weekends.

After we arrived, I noticed a familiar looking lady in the store.  But I couldn't remember where I had met her.  So I just kind of half-heartedly smiled at her and kept looking around the shoes, all the while wracking my brain on how I knew her.

All of a sudden, it came to me.  Her son and Lily were in the same therapy clinic and I had seen her as we were both coming and going from there.

I was so excited that I actually remembered so I started looking for her.

As I came around a corner, I saw her and exclaimed, "I knew I recognized you.  We're in therapy together!!"

We chat for a while and then go our separate ways.

I meet back up with Ryan, who's looking at me kind of strangely.

When I ask him what's wrong, he says, "I don't know who you were talking to but I think everyone in the store thinks you're in therapy.  Next time, you might want to either lower your voice or clarify that your child is in speech therapy."

Just goes to show that there are no secrets among special needs moms.  Or total strangers who happen to be within earshot.

Oh well....

Have a great Thursday!

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