Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Question for Tuesday

I really enjoyed reading all your comments yesterday.  

I heard from a few of you through email - one who decided at the age of seven that he wanted to be in radio (and actually did it!), one who wanted to be a psychiatrist, and one who had a difficult time choosing between being famous or living at home forever and being her parent's maid.

Today, let's talk fashion.  And men - don't let talk of clothes steer you away from answering this one:

What was your biggest fashion disaster?

I'll embarrass myself first.

Imagine with me.... 

Sixth grade.  Picture day.  Photos taken right after PE class.

You're thinking I had sweaty, messy hair and a flushed face or something, right?


In my effort to make sure that every hair was in place and my lips were thoroughly slicked with Bonne Bell Lip Smackers, I failed to take enough time to dress myself properly.

Imagine my shock when I got my picture packet a few weeks later and noticed that while my face and hair looked fine, I had put the top button of my shirt in the wrong buttonhole.  I have this enormous wad of shirt gaping open right in the vicinity of my collarbone.  

Not one person noticed that?  Puh-leeze.  Needless to say, I did not share photos with friends that year.

And I won't even bring up bright blue sparkly eyeshadow, overalls, and burnt orange silky pajama type pants.

Your turn now.  'Fess up:

What was your biggest fashion disaster?


  1. Really, believe it or not, I can't ever remember any fashion disaster. I guess the only really "ugly" picture was in first grade where I had a huge fat lower left lip from where the "seesaw" hit me in the face and next day was picture day. Back when I was growing up, my mother made all of our clothes for the most part...even prom dress and we had "hand me downs". I was the oldest of five and my "hand me downs" were really nice from a dear favorite aunt who took mom and me under her wing for clothing when I was in high school. Now a days....I don't think young people would be caught dead in something home sewn, unless it was something like a custom made prom dress or wedding dress. (Thank goodness I learned to sew from school and mom, later developed my own business sewing for the public and did that up til we moved to Austin area 6 years ago. And yes....I did sew for my kids when they were young...LOL)

  2. I wore the same outfit two days in a row in 3rd grade because I wanted to wear my favorite outfit for picture day. It never occurred to me that it might be funny to some people, until my friend asked me if I'd worn the same outfit the day before. I simply said, "yes, yes I did."

  3. Oh, heavens! I had a fashion disaster every single day during the holidays in the 80's! I'd wear those big, huge shirts and sweaters with giant reindeer or Santa puff-painted on. Those would, of course, would be worn over corduroy leggings or jeans with a very tapered leg. The eye would be led down to my bright red, green, or plaid, scrunched down socks and matching Keds.
    Once one was done looking at my horrible outfit, they could then rest their eyes on my HUGE perm and big bangs....
    Of course, that fashion disaster continued for an entire decade--the holidays were just extra special disasters.

  4. I think the entire decade of the 1980s was one big fashion disaster for everyone. At least we can all say we were in it together! I certainly jumped on every single trend: big bangs, permed hair, Guess jeans, Coco-Cola clothing, Swatch watches, pleated jeans that were tack-and-rolled at the bottom, on and on!!!! Every time I see a clothing ad trying to bring something back from the 80s, I just want to scream Noooo! :)

  5. Teresa - My mom sewed my clothes in my younger elementary days but I think she might even admit that she didn't have much variety in the way of style. It was quite common to see me in those jumpers with 1 big button at each shoulder. While there was a variety of material, that style was pretty much the standard for my mom.

    Allison - Wearing the same outfit for a week would've been a much bigger deal. Two days - that's nothing!

    Elizabeth - I think I had some of those same holiday outfits! And I'm ashamed to admit that I still had one in 1993 when I gave birth to Ryley - we had matching hideous puff paint Santa sweatshirts. Yikes!

    Whitney - I agree with leaving the 80's fashions where they belong - in the 80's. Except for maybe the preppy look - that was kind of cute, right??

  6. I have fashion disasters weekly..:)
    BUT the one I remember is when my dad took me to his barber when I was 7 years old. I had a mass of curly hair and my dad told his barber to give me a "trim" Let's just say I left there working the plucked chicken look...it was bad...really bad

  7. Espy - I don't think that are any "barbers" alive who can handle that hair! You are definitely a "beauty salon" kind of girl... :)


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