Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I Cannot Believe I'm Even Typing This


This morning my alarm went off at 6 AM.

Yes, it is August 3rd.  And yes, that is still considered summer for, oh... I don't know... everyone.

Yet my alarm still rang loudly and woke me from a rather restless sleep (more on that tomorrow) at 6 AM.

So am I getting ready to go on an exciting trip?  Or am I waking early to get a really great deal at some fantastic store?  Or even just trying to take a walk outside before it gets so hot that I could actually fry an egg on my skin??

Oh no.  Nothing fun like that.

You see, summer is officially over in my house.  And here's why:


Both my girls decided to play volleyball at school this year, totally forgetting that practice starts before the first day of school.  And of course, the girls are not on the same team since they're not in the same grade which means they don't practice at the same time.

Reagan's practice is at 7 AM, starting today.  A fact I was not made aware of until yesterday.  I didn't even have time to properly mourn the fact that from this day forward, until June 2012, I will be rising early, while it is still dark, like the Proverbs 31 woman.  Only I don't really want to rise early and I bet she does.

When I shared this with Ryan, hoping to gain a little sympathy, he asked, "Why do you have to get up just because Reagan has early practice?"

And I'm like, "Hello!  Proverbs 31 Woman here.  I have to feed my children before they go out to face the day.  I can't have my child passing out on the court because I was too lazy to make her a piece of cinnamon toast."

Then I reminded my girls how lucky they are to have me around because if it was just their dad, they would be on their own.  No making sure they're awake.  No cinnamon toast before practice. No telling them to be careful and not drive like fools as they're walking out the front door.  Nope.  Dad would be snoring and then how could they make it out the door?

Playing the occasional martyr and inflicting some good old "mom guilt" on my kids is good for them.

So I'm hoping that as you go about your day today, you will think of me and feel just a little bit sorry for me.  Because my summer is over.  It came to an abrupt, screeching halt.  And while I'm now keeping volleyball hours, you know they're not going to let me on the team.


  1. OK, so all good things must come to an summer...LOL! On a positive note, just think of how much more you will be able to accomplish during the day by getting up early. Who knows, you may actually get in a nap every day when no one is around, or get a chance to read one of those books stacked by your nightstand, take a friend to lunch, or bake more cakes! How is this for "friend guilt"!? Love you and you will begin to enjoy volleyball hours even though you aren't on the team.

  2. Girl, I feel ya! I am up early today because my daughter has a friend over.Every other day this month until school starts it is a fend for yourself kinda morning savoring each moment of sleep before those 6am wake ups...Sorry to hear you were caught off guard..Its gonna be a long year! Will pray for u my proverbs 31 friend...

  3. Lana..I morn with you! Though I haven't had to get up my body seems to know school is starting right around the corner and it's waking up at 5:30! UGH! Fortunately Karlie doesn't start volleyball until the 2nd day of school. Thanking God for this last year of middle school! Good luck to the girls and hope you get in a nap and a good book!

  4. I hear ya, Lana. Summer band camps at most of the high schools started on Monday, so there are a lot of us up early with you getting our big kids out the door. And the football and cheerleader moms, too. All these sports are great, just way too early in the morning, if you ask me. Though, in consolation, at least we aren't the ones out on those hot fields practicing these activities in 107-degree heat - so, if they can do THAT, I'm confident we can handle yawning through breakfast-making. Hang in there, and know that you have lots of company up with you.

  5. OK - I'll quit feeling sorry for myself knowing that many of you are up with me, making toast and filling up water bottles! And thank goodness my girls play indoor sports! :)


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