Monday, August 1, 2011

Handy Manny Does Not Live Here

Many of you know that my husband is not the most handy guy.  And you know that I'm not the most handy lady, either.

So when a little repair job came up this weekend, I wasn't holding out much hope that it would turn out well.

We have locks on most every interior door of our home.

I'm not just talking about the lock that you use when you go inside a room and close the door and don't want anyone to join you.  We installed some locks on the outside of the interior doors so that Lily could wander freely around the house but couldn't have free access to, say, all the food in the pantry or the water in the toilet.  Understand?

Here's what the lock on the pantry door looks like:

When the lock was first put on, Lily couldn't reach it.  Now that she's grown taller, she's not only able to reach it, she has, of course, figured out how to open it.  So I'm back to re-directing the child from helping herself to unlimited snacks.

I kindly asked Ryan if he could possibly raise the lock.  He was worried that if he removed the lock, holes would be visible in the door frame.  I'm thinking the solution might be to leave the old lock in place and simply purchase and install another lock higher up.

Here's the solution my husband came up with:

This is not what I had in mind.

While it worked for the weekend, I don't believe my husband has a future as a handyman.  It's a good thing he's a great pastor!


  1. LOL - that's something my husband would do!

  2. ROFLOL - TOO FUNNY! I agree with just buying another lock and placing it at almost the top of the door where only adults can reach. I am surprised you didn't do that first time around, but you probably weren't thinking about Lily getting taller....just keeping her safe and out of things.

  3. I dare not comment since he's my boss, but I will say that I literally laughed out loud - hard - when I saw the picture of the repair!

  4. Rolling on the floor laughing! Could be us!


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