Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Who You Calling Bird Brain???

  I waited to do a blog post so I could show you Lily Bird's latest academic achievement.

We went to Lily's school for another parent training today.  

Last week, one of her therapists told me that Lily can do a new game on the iPad.  Alphabet letters come floating across the screen and she can tap the letter and put them in alphabetical order. 

I couldn't wait to see it!  And now you can, too!

Check it out:

No one, at school or at home, has taught her anything about ABC order.  She just started playing the game one day and got it all right.  And she does it right every time.  She even gets a little impatient with the other kids at school who don't get it right every time!

I'm telling you - that child may not be able to talk, but she is brilliant!

I can't really say the same thing for that child's mother who sounds like a total redneck in the background.  But I don't think there's any doubt that we're all excited about this latest achievement.

She's a smart one, that Bird!


  1. This is so exciting . . . and it made me cry. Thank you for sharing!!!!

  2. I agree with what Mary said! Lily is a smart one that is for sure. How exciting for all of you! Can't wait for you to hear from the CA doctor either.

  3. That made me cry! That is nothing short of amazing! I just have to wonder if Jesus has been whispering in her ear all this time. There's no telling what else she knows. How exciting for y'all to get to discover that! I'll definitely keep praying!

  4. Not only does she do this and do it correctly, she does it at lightning speed! Amazing! Definitely a "WOW" moment, gift from the Lord!

  5. I was impressed with the speed also! RonH

  6. Drying the tears! What a wonderful milestone to achieve!

  7. Thanks to all of you for your sweet words for our Bird. Each and every one of you are on this journey with us and we are so grateful for your encouragement and prayers.

  8. It made me tear up then it made me shout praises then filled me with awe for the God who loves a little Bird just like she is. And all of us, just like we are.
    Mike T

  9. She is a smart little girl. She is a blessing!!

  10. That. Is. Awesome. So much is going on inside our kids' heads, even if they aren't yet able to articulate it. That's why God created iPads!!!!!


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