Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Good Stuff

I wanted to share a few good things I've come across in the last few weeks.

Pick up a copy of the July issue of Good Housekeeping magazine, flip towards the back and there's an interesting article about a family with two special needs sons who are in their twenties.  Take a look at it and see what you think.

Rage Against The Minivan has a great post about being the sibling of special needs person.  Click here to check it out.

You know how I've been telling you about all the wonderful technology there is out there for nonverbal kids?  And how parents can record words or phrases into their kids' communication devices?  Well, click here to read a fun post from Love That Max about that very subject.

It made me think of a couple things I would never put in Lily's speech device.  Things like:

"Hand over the iPad and no one gets hurt."
"I'll take every kind of noodle you have."
"But my mom always lets me have all the Skittles and M&M's I want."

A friend recently shared this short video with me.  I loved it and I know you will, too.


Molly Hinka - Special Olympics athlete

Anyone else have something to share?  Leave a comment and pass it on!

Have a super Tuesday!

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  1. If you have a couple of quick minutes to read this, here's some food for thought. This is a teenaged autistic girl that within the past 5 years or so, after extensive therapy one day, ran to the computer and for the first time really communicated that she was sick and needed help. Here are her words within the past week from Facebook posts:

    Carly FleischmannMy exams are finished and as of last night my papers are all handed in and I am done with school work for the summer. So Hello twitter and Hello face book. I am back and ready to answer real questions and hear about your stories and just have fun. I am also going to be working on a a surprise that will blow my families mind but dont tell them. My summer official starts now. Start sending things in now I'm waiting.

    Carly FleischmannQuestion part 1 Jenn Bentley: I don't know if you've answered this before, but can you tell me why you think that signing or other forms of alternative communication don't work for you?

    Carly FleischmannQuestion part 2 Jenn Bentley:My daughter has been recently diagnosed with autism, but doesn't seem to want to talk or sign either. Instead she uses her own form of nonverbal communication to get across what she wants. Just hoping your thoughts will give us some insight, thanks.

    Carly FleischmannAnswer part 1 Carly: I do use a little bit of sign but my fine motor skills prevent me from making them readable. I adapt them for me but only people who know me really get them. I have used pic symbols my whole life. I have been pointing at stuff since the age of two. I think the natural progression for me was to type.

    Carly FleischmannAnswer part 2 Carly: It is not like that for every person living with autism. I know some people that are great at signing and some that will blow your mind at using pics. You should just encourage your child to find anyway that works for them to communicate.

    Carly FleischmannQuestion Svetlana Granvol:
    How did it feel to meet temple grandin? Knowing that you both are ionic heroes in the autism world. I am so proud to know your story and hers, my heart and love and passion goes out to you and your friends and family.

    Carly FleischmannAnswer Carly: The truth is I don’t see my self as an icon and I think temple would say the same. Although I was star struck with temple and usually I write a speech in my head before I type it out. But with temples speech it took me for ever to come up with the correct words. I think I just had so much respect for her that I wanted her to like it If that makes sense. It was really cool to meet her.

    Carly FleischmannQuestion Kevin Libson: Are you adding more material to your carlysvoice page and CTV blog.
    Answer Carly Fleischmann Yes yes and yes

    Carly FleischmannQuestion Lisa Crognal: Carly- what do you say to people who believe that FC has been completely discredited. I get so annoyed!

    Carly FleischmannAnswer Carly: The truth is i don't use facilitated communication I spell fully independently. A lot of people assume i use FC because on the media clips they only show me typing for three seconds because of time frames. but i am typing to you right now by my self in the basement with no worker or family member.


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