Monday, June 13, 2011

Coming to a Bookstore Near You.... If He Can Find a Publisher


I guess my idea about answering any of your special needs questions wasn't such a great one, after all.

I didn't get a single question.

Maybe it's like this: my life is pretty much an open book just by the writing of this blog so more than likely, I've already answered all your questions, right? Right.

Moving on now.

I think many of you have figured out by now that I am on vacation at the moment.

Usually at some point during a vacation, Ryan will get some burst of creative inspiration which results in a sermon series or book idea.

Most often this moment of inspiration comes from something beautiful in nature.

This time, however, the inspiration is from something I never would have expected: the kitchen in our condo.

Namely, the instant hot water dispenser located at the kitchen sink.

You know what I'm talking about - that typically skinny little faucet right next to the hot and cold water taps. This is almost a standard feature in many homes in cold weather country.

Now, when I see an instant hot water dispenser, I think of hot tea or hot chocolate with no wait.

Not so my husband.

I can almost see the wheels turning in his head.

He looks at me with something closely resembling excitement on his face and says, "I can make instant oatmeal."

OK. I guess that's nice, if you like instant oatmeal.

But he wasn't done yet.

"I could also make Easy Mac. Or Ramen."

I'm looking at him a little funny now.

I mean, the man doesn't even really like to use the microwave at home because, in his own words, I push the buttons better than him.

In almost 20 years of marriage, I've never seen him quite this excited about cooking, if you can call preparing food using only an instant hot water dispenser, actual cooking.

I jokingly said, "Maybe you should write a cookbook."

Well, now the man is on an official roll, dreaming of an instant hot water dispenser cookbook.

While we have discussed other topics, I know this cookbook idea is simmering at the back of his mind. I know this because every now and then, he will just blurt out something like this:

"It could be called 'Just Add HOT Water'."


"Another recipe could be an oatmeal suicide - mixing together two different instant oatmeal flavor packets, like maple and brown sugar with apples and cinnamon!"

or, I suppose for those with more refined taste buds:

"How about boiling pasta and then pouring Ragu over it? Instant spaghetti!"

For any of you, such as myself, who worried that Ryan might not be able to really slow down and relax on this vacation, rest easy.

I believe contemplating a cookbook whose only potential audience might be college boys is the sign of my husband's mind at rest.

Unless he starts trying to turn this idea into a sermon illustration, the man is relaxed.

I myself am relaxed but I might lose that if he starts asking me to taste his "creations".

He just walked by with something hot in a bowl and asked me to please refer to him as "Chef Rush".

Help me, Lord.


  1. Hey now, I have a patent on Oatmeal Suicide. Been making it for years & nothing tops 1 part Apples & Cinnamon and 1 part Maple & Brown Sugar. Love it!

  2. Maybe you two could be co-authors. Or even better, have your own show on The Food Network! Something like "Two Guys and Hot Water"....

  3. Or "Two Guys, Hot Water and food on a stick"....I'd watch...seriously..I would...-)

  4. ROFLOL! You two are too much fun!! I love keeping up with your blog. It keeps me smiling and thinking. Glad you are relaxing and having a wonderful the way, my son John saw Riley up near her dad's office and said "Hey, I heard about all those wild parties you are having while your parents are gone!" John said she had the oddest look on her face and cracked him up. Then he said he was just kidding. Also said he can't get over how tall she is and looks so much like her dad! Don't you just love it when your kids get "punked"! LOL!


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