Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Just a Few Things

Yesterday you got a list.

Today you get another one.

1.  It's hot.

2.  Since we've been talking about reading lately (which is one of the few activities you can take part in around here without sweating), thought I'd share something really sweet with you.  Have you heard of The Reading Promise?  Love, love, love this idea.  Click here to read about an amazing dad and his lovely daughter and how they created a bond through reading.  After you watch the video, take a peek at Alice's website.

3.  It's really, really hot.

4.  Last week at Vacation Bible School, Lily managed to give her iPod Touch a nice thorough dunking in the toilet.  Despite being encased in an Otter Box, it did not survive the swim.  So off we went to the Apple store.  (I think it would be really nice if Steve Jobs would just adopt our family and keep us stocked in Apple products but that's not likely to happen.)  Rather than buying a brand new one (since we cannot guarantee this one won't ultimately end up in the potty) we handed over the damp Touch and are now the proud owners of a refurbished one, a much less expensive option.

5.  We have now had 17 days where the temperature has been over 100 degrees.  And it's not even July yet.  100 degrees, people.

6.  Speaking of the Otter Box, we have a different protective case on Lily's iPad.  It's called a Trident Kraken and it seems to be working better for Lily than the Otter Box did.  Of course, most protective cases work well when the owner puts it on and leaves it alone.  Not many can stand up to a child who is actively trying to remove the case.  But the Krakken seems to be holding up longer than the Otter Box did.  Just passing that along to any of you looking for a durable and less bulky (not to mention cheaper) protective case.

7.  I finally managed to get all of Lily's medical records collected and photocopied - one copy for the California doctor and two copies for myself.  I mailed the enormous stack to the California doctor and now we wait for him to look it over and see if Lily meets his autism criteria.  If so, we'll head out there for a visit with him.  Getting all that paperwork together and organizing it in some workable fashion took me back to college when I wrote endless research papers.  Back in the day when you actually had to go to the library and use the card catalog.  I don't miss those days - the school or the card catalog.

8.  Have I mentioned yet that it's very hot?

9.  And speaking of a possible California trip, I really don't relish the idea of flying with The Bird.  Those moments when you can't use electronic devices will be an eternity for her.  Which means an eternity for Ryan and I.  And possibly our fellow passengers.  I really wish I was related to Steve Jobs.  I bet the man has a private plane.  And I bet he lets you use Apple products during the whole flight.

10.  Are any of you related to Steve Jobs?  Can you put in a good word for us?

11.  It's hot.


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