Thursday, June 30, 2011

Back to Basics

I am a sucker for good packaging.

For instance, I am totally convinced that all natural, chemical free products like these:
Mindful Beauty Everyday Basics
are so much more effective and so much better for me than say, Dial body wash.

My dad would say that what's in those cute containers is probably the same thing as Dial body wash, just with a beautiful label and double the price.

Since there are no money trees growing in my backyard, I simply can't afford to indulge in these lovely products on a daily basis.

But I do have a child with autism.

And I do hold fast to the belief that while none of us needs repeated exposure to tons of chemicals, she definitely doesn't.

So I buy myself good old Dial body wash and splurge on California Baby or Burt's Bees or Original Sprout products for The Bird.

Which takes care of her, but leaves me with the question of what to do about the rest of my house.

I want my home to be clean but I also want it to be healthy, safe, and non-toxic for all of us.

Most chemical-laden cleaning products don't really clean any better than back to basics stuff.  They just clean faster and might require a little less elbow grease.

(I feel the need to insert a note here - I know my little brother is rolling his eyes right now and thinking I've been living in Austin way too long.  Right now, he's telling his wife that the hippies have gotten to me!)

But honestly, having Lily Bird with all her issues and sensitivities (and the thousands and thousands of kids like her) has really opened my eyes to how many potentially harmful products we come in contact with every day.

So while I do admit to having a cleaning service come into my home twice a month, the rest of the time I use natural cleaning products.  I know there are all natural cleaning companies but doggone it, they are so expensive that it's just not an option right now.

What's a girl to do???

Make her own inexpensive and chemical free household cleaners!

And the best part for those suckers for packaging like me?  You can put them in any cute containers you like, craft unique and expensive looking labels, and laugh at how much money you saved.

So here we go.... Make Your Own Non-Toxic Cleaning Kit.

Here's how to make my favorite all-purpose spray that I use on absolutely everything:

1 tsp. Borax
1/2 tsp. baking soda
2 tbsp. white vinegar
1/4 tsp. liquid castile soap (scented is fine)
2 cups hot water

Put in a spray bottle and go to town.  

FYI - you can double or triple the recipe and just keep the spray bottle under your kitchen sink.  The water doesn't have to be hot to still be effective.  And that way you don't have to keep mixing it up every time you want to clean.

What to do with all that extra Borax?  Since it's a laundry booster, put a scoop of it in the wash with sweaty work-out clothes.

And how about all that extra castile soap?  Bathe with it!  

If you click here, you'll get an entire page of non-toxic cleaning recipes from that can tackle any dirty home with ease.  And a little elbow grease.

Let's be safe.... and get clean!

Have a great Thursday!


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  2. where do you get your castile soap?


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