Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Virginia Hillbillies

So yesterday I was sitting in my car because I was actually early for an appointment - imagine that.

My cell phone chimes to let me know I have a text message.

It's from my little brother and this is what it says:

"Just wanted you to know that you got me and the boys hooked on Swamp People.  We like Troy the best, but Aiden wants to be Bruce for Halloween."

So let me give you a little background here, at the risk of revealing that I might not be as refined and elegant as many of you think I am.  There has to be at least a couple of you who think that....

First, here are my precious nephews - who are getting much too old for me to refer to as "precious" anymore.

This is Aiden, the middle boy:

And this is Austin, the oldest boy:

Precious, right?

Even though both of these boys got the Texas Redneck gene from their father and truly belong in this great state, they're living in Virginia at the moment.

Back in November, they came to Texas so we could celebrate Thanksgiving together.

A couple weeks before their arrival, Ryan and I stumbled across a show on the History Channel called Swamp People.  

Really, with a title like that, how could we not stop and check it out?

So we did.

Turns out the show is all about multi-generational families who live and work in the deep Louisiana swamplands, mostly by catching alligators.

I'm not sure that anyone is even still reading at this point but for those interested few, I'll keep going.

Here's Troy telling about his heritage and family.

It took me watching all of about three minutes before I told Ryan that the boys would love this show.

One evening while they were at our house, we introduced them to Swamp People.

And love it they did.

Evidently, I am now responsible for them not missing an episode.

Lest you think I am making fun of these Cajuns, let me give you a little taste of my family. 

Here's the second text my little brother sent yesterday:

"Aiden actually called me and said they caught a skunk in their trap at home and want to do Rock, Paper, Scissors to see who gets to shoot it."

I feel certain that my multi-generational family would more than qualify for a pretty interesting reality show.

But, I admit I was reassured when this text followed:

"Don't worry.  We're not eating it.  There are limits to our redneck-ness!"

Well that's a relief.

And really should go without saying, one would think.

To top it all off, I get an email from my brother that says, "There are even shirts!"

Swamp People Choot Em T-Shirt - Grey
Christmas shopping for my brother and the boys - DONE.

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  1. That is too funny! I agree that they truly belong in Texas.


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