Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Just Like UNusual

I like to think that I'm a fairly flexible person.

I can roll with the punches.

I can fly by the seat of my pants.

I mean, I'd prefer to have a set plan in place that I can follow to the letter but if that's not an option, I like to think that I'm not so set in my ways that I can't adapt.

But sometimes, life gets in the way of my plans.

For example, this morning.

I dropped Lily Bird off at school, like usual.

Jamie, the sweet site manager came out to visit with me for a few minutes, like usual.

See how things are progressing along nicely, just like usual.  Isn't that pleasant?

When BAM!

She told me something that wasn't like usual.

Something I didn't want to hear.

Jamie had the audacity to inform me that she is leaving our precious little school.  She herself will be going back to college to work on her masters.

While I am truly happy that she has this opportunity, it is so difficult to accept change sometimes.

Especially when you have a special needs child, I think.

Once I've made a decision about Lily's therapy or whatnot, I find myself getting in a comfortable rhythm. I grow close to her therapists and teachers.  Things just chug along quite smoothly.  The plan of action I designed is working out and we wake up each day knowing what to expect.  I relax just a little bit.

Then something changes and I find myself getting uptight all over again.

In reality, the daily routine will not change for any of us.

Lily will continue on, like usual.

The school will hire a new site manager who will take on Jamie's responsibilities, like usual.

I'll remind myself that letting go of the familiar is a good thing.  Change can shake things up a bit and get me out of a rut.

But I like Jamie.  I'll miss her.  And I'll miss seeing her love on my baby girl.


It will make me crazy or make me stretch.

It's up to me.


  1. Love what you say about change....how right you are! Praying for a smooth transition for Lily (and you).

  2. I stumbled upon your amazing blog this afternoon! I'm by no means a special education expert, but I was an aide to a sweetie pie on the spectrum for two years (kindergarten and first grade). When I made the decision to leave to go back to school, we made this student a social story about change. It included my picture, along with the picture of the new aide. We read it every day for the two weeks leading up to my leaving, and it helped the transition. Maybe you could incorporate something similar to help aid the transition that your daughter will be facing? Just a thought!

  3. TNK - Thanks so much for the great idea! I agree whole-heartedly. Half the battle is preparing the child for the change.


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