Monday, March 14, 2011

I Have Been Known To....

Send my big girls to school without breakfast - the most important meal of the day.

Wear sweats, a ball cap, tennis shoes, and no make-up to make it appear as if I just finished a workout when the truth is I was just too lazy to get dressed.

Give Lily a baby-wipe and lotion "bath" when I don't feel like giving her a shower.

Allow my children to watch three hours of television in one day.

Serve a "cereal buffet" for supper.

Drive my kids to school while not wearing any shoes.

Display empty picture frames around my home.

Do an entire week of Bible study lessons in one day.

Let my big girls skip a day of school for absolutely no reason.

Kill more than my fair share of poor, defenseless goldfish.

Use one of Lily's socks to blow her nose when kleenex are nowhere to be found.

Never completely fill in any of the kids' baby books.

What about you?  What have you been known to do on occasion?  Any little secrets you'd like to share?


  1. I've been known to....

    Buy cookies from a bakery and display them on my own dish in order to "appear" as though I baked them

    Not wash my hair for 2 or 3 days and put a bow, flower or scarf in it to distact from the poofy mess

    I, too, have been known to do a weeks bible study in a day....cause I procrastinated ALOT

    Lose a bunch of my students papers and make up a grade and throw the originals away

    Put clean dishes in the dishwasher because I am too lazy to open the cabinets and put them away

    AND last.... I've been known to read this blog instead to doing laundry....which I am SOOOO gonna do right now...really...I am....;)
    Drink a diet coke and eat a protien bar for breakfast

  2. I love Mother-in-law jokes.

  3. Espy - I am so glad to know that not only do you and I share some of the same "secrets", we are not afraid to own up to them, either! :)

    D - You will not hear any mother-in-law jokes around here - mine reads the blog! And she's awesome. Yours is, too - and I bet she could take you down so don't push your luck, buddy!

  4. Lana I feel bad,you are right,Ihave A GREAT CHRISTIAN MOTHER-IN -LAW.I should be thankful.

  5. I've done every single one of those things except send Grace with no breakfast. Usually Gabe makes it and she takes one bite. I've also vacuumed my kitchen floor to remove the filth if I'm too lazy to sweep, mostly when my in-laws are dropping by.

  6. I've been known to...

    Tell my kids to wipe their nose on their shirt when Kleenex's are not available

    Eat a student's Reese's because he didn't finish his lunch (he doesn't know I ate it, just that I took it away)

    Pass a little gas and blame on someone else--usually a random stranger.

    Look through the medicine cabinet in every bathroom I visit.

    Take a nap, but set my alarm to wake me up a few minutes before Joel gets home so he won't know that I am lazy

    You know the feeling you get when you have a dream and in that dream your naked?? That's the feeling I get by writing these little secrets. ;)

  7. Put my gum on my alarm clock, because I'm too lazy to get up out of my bed and throw it out when I'm watching tv.

    Drive 20 minutes one-way DAILY for my favorite treat, which is now frozen yogurt, taro flavor...a switch from a quart of marble slab raspberry with chocolate chips DAILY! I'm making progress...

    Change the toilet paper roll around at houses where the paper doesn't roll off the front/top like it was intended to do! A friend showed me her boyfriend's pet peeve right after college and I've been ruined for life (now that I KNOW the proper way)!

    I wear flip flops in my room at school, and bring in a nice pair of shoes to wear in the hallways, so that the principal doesn't see them! :)

    Guess who??? Jodi :)

  8. Jodi - I really like the flip-flop idea. I bet all the followers who teach will be stealing that one.

    And the toilet paper cracks me up - I'm the same way. But I haven't gone so far as to change the way it rolls at other peoples' houses!


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