Friday, March 18, 2011

Besame Mucho

For all you non-Spanish speakers, that means, "Kiss me... a lot!"

And Lily is happy to oblige.

In fact, you don't even have to ask for kisses.

More than likely, you're just going to get some whether you want them or not.

Thankfully, Lily has learned that nice little kisses among friends does not require placing her tongue on your lips or licking you.

She has finally perfected the art of the dry, closed mouth kiss - complete with a little "popping" sound when the lips meet.

No one is safe from our little kissing bandit.

Thanks to the advice of a sweet friend, I had a wonderful lady come to my house last week to cut Lily's hair.

Speaking of which, there will be a whole post about this lovely experience but I'm waiting for Ryley to take some pictures!

Anyway, while Natasha was working her magic, Lily was watching TV and having a snack.  But about twelve times during the course of the cut, she would pull Natasha down for a quick kiss.  She was an absolute great sport about it - even when Lily had a nice ring of white around her mouth from eating yogurt pretzels.

One of the moms at Lily's school told me that she was hanging out there last week and Lily crawled up in her lap and gave her quite a few smooches.

The therapists get lots of kisses, too.  Hopefully, that balances out the many pinches they also receive.

Hall and Oates had it right when they sang, "your kiss is on my list of the best things in life."

Out of all of Lily's behaviors, I hope this one stays around.



  1. Sign me up for a kiss or two...word...

  2. Maybe I should have a kissing booth to bring in some extra money....hmmm....


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