Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Lana's the Name... Mini-Bowling's the Game

I'd like to spend some time recapping the events of yesterday's day of "Spring Break Fun".

You know how I told you I was going to whip my children soundly in mini-bowling and then celebrate with a piece of pie?

Well, we changed the plan a little and decided to eat first.

Which meant I had my slice of pie from Bluebonnet Cafe in anticipation of my bowling victory.  I'm not going to lie - I ate the whole piece.  So I felt a little sluggish.

I also woke up with yet another headache from the sinus infection that refuses to be defeated despite two rounds of antibiotics.  I'll be visiting an ENT doctor in the next couple of weeks, I'm certain.

Even with all these factors working against me, I still spanked every member of my family in the first game.

Of course, this did not fully convince them that I am simply a better mini-bowler than all of them so I was challenged to a second game.

Alas, my card did not work so I was never able to play the second game.

I will concede that Ryan's score in the second game was better than my score in the first game but I ask you this:

Don't you think if I was able to beat everyone on the first game with no warm-up whatsoever, it only stands to reason that I would beat them even worse in a second game???

I think so, too.

I also played a game called Carnival Shoot-Out and did so well, I was able to enter my initials on the High Scorers board, something I have never accomplished before.

One more item crossed off my bucket list.

Of course, I'm pretty sure I knocked some five year old kid off the leader board but hey, it's never too early to learn that "life's not always fair" and "practice makes perfect" and "it's not whether you win or lose, but how you play the game" and other harsh life lessons.

We ended our time in Marble Falls by stopping at Sonic for a Vanilla Diet Dr. Pepper and 2 Excedrin Migraine.

Then Reagan and two of her friends headed to my parent's ranch to spend the night.

It's been a while since my parents hosted a teen girl sleepover but they haven't lost their touch.

The girls ran around outside, rode anything and everything with wheels, played soccer and volleyball, ate pizza in front of the outdoor fireplace, watched a movie while snacking on popcorn and cookies, and woke up to breakfast tacos and cinnamon rolls.

The only alarming thing that occurred was Reagan texting my mom at 3:35 AM asking her to wake them up around 9.

At least it wasn't a text from jail, right?

Today's plan?

We're heading to the rodeo fairgrounds to eat junk food, see/smell all the livestock, play those rigged games on the midway, and take a spin on all those rickety rides that surely wouldn't pass any kind of formal safety inspection.

We laugh in the face of danger.


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