Thursday, March 24, 2011

This is Not a Good Activity

Lily has discovered a new pastime.

Toilet flushing.

Actually, chronic toilet flushing is old hat for her.

It's not uncommon for me to be in the kitchen and hear a toilet randomly flush.  She'll just be walking by a bathroom and decide that the potty needs a good flushing and she's just the girl for the job.

No, the new pastime is toilet flushing with objects.

She"ll be sitting in the living room, innocently playing with a toy.  Then all of sudden, she'll jump up with toy in hand and take off for the bathroom.

That's my cue to follow her at a rapid pace.

Sure enough, I'll round the corner and she'll be standing by the potty, toy poised over the bowl, ready to be dunked and flushed.

Most of the time, I'm quick enough to catch the object before it takes the plunge.

But I did miss one a couple days ago.

Truthfully, I never even saw it happen.

I went into my closet to put away some clean laundry, passed by the toilet and noticed something a little odd.

A Bible was in the bowl.

That's right.

My daughter attempted to flush the Word of God down the toilet.

I'm not exactly sure what that says about her spiritual life.

Thankfully, it was just a small New Testament that no one uses for study purposes.

But I was equally thankful that it was large enough to not flush and do some serious damage to our pipes.

Up next on the household chores list?

Install a lock on the outside of bathroom door.

And make friends with a plumber.


  1. We have 4 1/4 children. The oldest 3 have been diagnoses with high functioning autism and the 4th? Looks like she'll be diagnosed too. ANYWAY I have gone through the flush things down the toilet stage 4 times already. My best friend is this amazing door lock I have it on EVERY door in the house. My kids all learned how to unlock the doorknobs, so something high up is great!

  2. Thanks Ashlee! I will definitely be purchasing several. And I will also be lurking around your too cute blog!

  3. "I'm not exactly sure what that says about her spiritual life."



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