Monday, March 7, 2011

Did You Know?

Last week, I shared with you how Lily is going to use an iPod Touch as her own personal communication device.

Well, as I was exploring using iPods/iPads as tools for talking, I came across this wonderful blog called:

It's full of great information for special needs families, such as fun apps for kids, tutorials for various apps, and videos of children using technology to help them speak.

But what about those families who simply cannot afford to purchase a communication tool?

At the Babies with iPads blog, that family can actually apply for a grant and possibly receive a free iPad thanks to some very generous donors.

Here's a little more information on how the process works:

Babies With iPads - iPad Grant Application

If you know a family in need of some assistance, be sure to pass along the blog address.

And for those of you who might like to donate, there are a couple ways you can do so.

You can click on the Chip In link on the blog.

If you're in the market for some apps yourself,  you can follow the blog's link to the iTunes store and a small portion of your purchase price will go towards an iPad and it won't cost you a penny extra.

Every child deserves a chance to be heard.

And thanks to some incredible technology and even more incredible donors, that can be a reality.


  1. Thank you so much for your wonderful comments about Babies with iPads.

  2. I'm happy to spread the word - it's a great thing you're doing! Question for you - do you have some ideas on the best ways to protect iPads and iPods? We have Otter Boxes but wondered if you have other suggestions???


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