Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Easy Street

Let's face it.... being the parent of a special needs child can be difficult.

But here are a few things (other than sweet, helpful, patient family and friends) I've found that make my "special needs life" just a bit easier:

1)     A white noise machine - I originally bought this to help the Bird sleep by muffling the noise of the rest of the family after she was tucked in.  But I've gotten so used to hearing it through the baby monitor that I've pretty much gotten to where I can't sleep without it, either.

2)     Back Zip Pajamas - These handy pj's keep Lily Bird from stripping herself naked during the night. In case you're interested, click here to see the ones we use.

3)     24 Hour Drive-Thru Pharmacies - This seems pretty self-explanatory.  I feel certain a mom came up with this idea.

4)     Pill Splitters, Crushers, &  Pill-a-Day Trays (with AM/PM slots) - These are all small and inexpensive little devices that make the process of dispensing meds just a little bit easier.

5)     The iPad - Ummm.... DUH.

6)     A regular once a week babysitter - This has to be some of the best money we spend each month.

7)     Reading other special needs blogs - I look forward to checking in with all my online buddies each day.  Not only is it a source of comfort to see that I'm not the only person in the world with a kiddo like Lily, I just enjoy catching up with my newfound "tribe".

8)     A pizza cutter - These handy things cut way more than just pizza!

How about you?  What are some things that make your life easier?


  1. what else do you cut with your pizza cutter?

  2. pizza cutter?

    1) netflix & hulu - being able to watch from a big library on our schedule is so nice

    2) communication - text messages and cell phones - we can talk to the nurse practitioner virtually any time, and send pics of bee stings or whatever is soo handy.

    3) google and a laptop - recipes, medical advice, shared documents. when we put a laptop in the kitchen, our lives got muuuch easier.

    4) - we found some awesome babysitters who had training with special needs kids

  3. Jim and Jon - You men! Maybe this should be its own post but for now... Things You Can Cut with A Pizza Cutter Besides Just Pizza: grilled cheese, pancakes, quesadillas, waffles, paninis, french toast, sandwiches, hot dogs, toast, bagels, fresh herbs, spaghetti.... are you catching on? Don't let the title "pizza cutter" limit you!! :)

    I guess I should've specified that I only cut other food items with my pizza cutter. It's not like I'm giving haircuts or anything....

    Jon - All great things. I have been known to curse technology sometimes but I agree, my life would be much more difficult without it.

  4. I love drive-throughs so much. Wish they would add one to some other places, like Wal-Mart and maybe even the pedicatrician's office. Wouldn't it be nice to just have someone stick their head in the window, check your kids' ears, give a prescription, and then send you on your way all without ever unbuckling kids from car seats?

    Oh well, a girl can dream. :)

  5. That's funny the guys didn't get the pizza cutter....

    I'm loving How it's Made that we've DVR'ed and reading Harry Potter to the kids.

  6. Christy - I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the idea of a drive-thru pedi! How many times have I wrestled Lily into the office only for an ear check?? Maybe one day....

    Lizbeth - Men.... Good ideas - and good family time, too! :)

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