Monday, December 19, 2011

The Weekend in Pictures... And a Few Words!

In case any of you are wondering, I'm still doing the Couch to 5K Program.  I'm in Week Six which means I'm now running for 20 minutes with no stops.  That's a big deal for someone who despises running.  I hope all you real runners out there are not scoffing at me...

Ryan and Lily went along for my final run of Week Six on Saturday afternoon.  Lily was definitely more comfortable than the rest of us.

Reagan gets in a little trampoline time.

Nine treat sacks of Kris Kringle Krunch (thank you for the cute name, Karla!) bagged up and ready for Lily's Buddies and Sunday School teachers. 

Every Christmas, our church does a huge production over three Sundays called The Singing Christmas Tree.  There's music, dancing, acting and an enormous Christmas tree filled with lights and singing people.  It's pretty spectacular.

And we have a real Baby Jesus.  Check him (it was actually a "her" this year but don't tell anyone!) out in the corner of the next two pictures.

Did you see that big ol' tree in the background?  You can't really miss it...

And for my more astute readers, I expect you noticed a lovely young lady in a long white dress in those photos above.  

And if you thought it was my oldest daughter, well, you would be correct!  Here's a close-up:

A little blurry but that's my girl!

I hope you had a great weekend, too.  

Now it's time to get serious about finishing up all my Christmas chores...

See you tomorrow!


  1. Beautiful photos too! What happened there, you and Karla both have beautiful photos this Monday?! Must be all that Instagram stuff! I need to check that stream more often!

    Lily is totally beautiful in that picture, Reagan is cute on the trampoline and that white dress is a stunner! And good for you on Week 6. I got as far as downloading the app....

    The Christmas production looks like so much fun! I would love to hear your daughter's voice- did you put it on You Tube? Christmas is looking like lots of fun in Texas!!

  2. Ok, all of your girls are adorable! :) I loved getting to hear Ryley sing last night. She was amazing as always!

  3. Ryley was stunningly gorgeous onstage as were all the ladies in their white gowns. I'd love to hear a solo from her!

  4. Running without stops??? That is great!!!

    Your kids are beautiful!

  5. Keep at it, Lana! You're doing a great job with the running! I will cover the couch part for you.

    I'm assuming Ryley has inherited her father's fabulous singing voice! Love that!


  6. All three of your daughters are gorgeous!

    Congrats on the couch to 5K program!

  7. Karen - We've always recorded the program in the past but unbeknownst to me, they decided not to this year to cut back on expenses. So I have no recording.... I'm pretty bummed about it! Going to ask around at church to see if anyone recorded and if so, I promise, it will show up on the blog!

    Kristin - Good looks run in the family, right?? :)

    Whitney - Thanks so much! You are right - everyone looked lovely.

    Lizbeth - Thanks for the encouragement!

    Elizabeth - Yes, Ryley takes after her dad in the singing department. And I'm so glad to know the couch is still covered!

    Christy - Why, thank you, ma'am! :)

  8. I saw that picture of your daughter on Instagram, Lana -- she is STUNNING in that white dress! What song did she sing?

    It looks like you had a fantastic weekend. What a great way to kick of one of the most wonderful weeks of the year!

  9. Thanks so much, Miss Karla! She sang something called "Hallelujah Light Has Come". It was just lovely.... and you're right - a nice kick-off for this week.


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