Thursday, December 8, 2011

Blog Writers Unite!

I always joke with my family that if I miss a post, there will be an outcry from "my public" as well as rioting in the streets.

I really don't think they fully grasp the magnitude of my following.

I mean, there are people out there who just don't feel like their day is complete if they don't visit my blog, right?

Aren't there??

So when my oldest daughter found this on Pinterest the other day, she just couldn't wait to show it to me.

Pinned Image

Recognition at last.

Next time the kids ask me to do their dirty laundry, I'm going to remind them of this.

Surely big deal blog writers don't do their own laundry.....

Enjoy your Thursday!

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  1. I love this!!! And can I tell you how much of an idiot I am?? I finally figured out who you are on the big Twitter. Gawd I'm an idiot!!!

  2. Who does not need "another crown"?! I too LOVE this!! Thanks for making me smile. (And yes, you are!)

  3. True confessions - I am one of "those" that checks for new posts every day and must admit to a pang of sadness when I look and do not see your daily dose of wit and wisdom waiting for me to consume.

    To the laundry, why stop there?? As a "big deal blogger", shouldn't you be the one that creates the lists (albiet with the flair and creativity that only a "big deal blogger" could produce) that we as mere mortals would read, totally readjust our own system to match, and then sit and wonder why, oh why it is still so challenging for us to achieve when you make it seem so easy??? I say, "Why stop with laundry? Move onward to bathroom cleaning and other tasks that are beneath your bloginess!
    Please continue posting (when you can)because the last thing this world needs is another riot in the streets! (and what would this blog stalker do each day for entertainment?!?!?)

  4. Lizbeth - Not an idiot at all... different Twitter "handle" can create some confusion but glad you figured it out so we can "tweet" now, too! :)

    Karla - Pin away!

    Karen - I think you are a big deal, too! Wear your crown with pride!

    Darla - You know, if I miss a post I fully expect to see you running through the streets, screaming and throwing things. I'll be disappointed if you don't..... But don't worry, I can be your one phone call from jail.... And if you could sell my big girls on my "big deal blogger" status, I'd really appreciate it. I don't get near the respect I should around here...

  5. I love that! Yes you are a big deal! I love your blog =)

    This is kind of off topic but do your real life friends read your blog? Mine used to when I just posted pictures of my kids but when the crap hit the fan and I started talking about Autism, almost all of them disappeared and stopped reading. I use my blog as a way for people to understand who my kids really are and see past the label so of course when my real life people stop reading, I'm hurt.

  6. Allie - Thanks! And yes, I do have many real life friends who read my blog. Since my husband is a pastor, many members of our church have been with us since Day One with Lily and feel she belongs to them as much as us. Because we don't always want to run around giving updates on her, the blog is a way for many of them to keep up with what's going on in our family so they can know how to pray for us. Also, many of them find out when something difficult is going on by way of the blog and will show up with food! :) We are very blessed to have such wonderful friends who take such good care of us.... I wish it was the same for you... Want to move to Austin?? I'll share my friends with you!

    Jim - I guess the print isn't very "manly" but the sentiment is the same!

  7. Well, Lana - remember, I live in Lockhart, so me running down the streets and throwing things might make folks here think we are having a parade not a riot. (heehee)
    But thankful for that one phone call just in case.

    For such bright young ladies, I simply can not understand how they could not get your "big dealness" fully and completely- especially the writer!!! I will certainly have a little chat and enlighten them. :)


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