Thursday, December 15, 2011

Calming the Beast

Those of us with special needs children spend quite a bit of time trying to prevent meltdowns.

I follow Support for Special Needs on Twitter and this article caught my eye: 26 Sensory Integration Tools for Meltdown Management.  I found it very helpful and thought you might, too.  Click here to read it.

Also in the article is a catchy tune (along with a cute video) featuring actor-musician Jack Black in a duet he recorded for the Miracle Project in 2009.  The song is called "Sensitive" and captures some of the things that can lead to a sensory meltdown.  Make sure you check it out!

And by all means, if you have some helpful tips on calming down your kiddo, leave a comment and share the knowledge.

Have a great Thursday!


  1. I love that song =) Have you seen the movie is from, Autism: The Musical? Other than the cursing, it's good stuff!

    So I made the confetti popcorn late last night. You really should have put a warning label on your post about how ridiculously addicting it is. I made enough for Cam's therapists and a big bag for us. I thought it would last a few days. Nope, it's not going to make it through the evening. I will for sure be making that again! I started wondering what it would taste like with dried cranberries....the possibilities are endless =)

  2. I am kind of new to the world of special needs and will definitely check it out....thank you!

  3. Allie - I didn't know it was from Autism: The Musical! I've heard a lot about it but haven't seen it. And the popcorn - guess I should've warned you that you might want to give it away as quickly as possible! And dried cranberries sounds really yummy. :)

    HM - Welcome! Look forward to connecting with you - and thanks for the comment!

  4. You really just know too much woman!! Loved the link and the song! (Who doesn't love Jack Black? Such a good heart!) I haven't seen the movie either. Thanks for sharing. :)

  5. LOVED that song! Made me laugh and cry as I know my son can relate! THANK YOU for posting! I'll be sharing it soon in my blog, i can tell ya! The article was good too. It's so hard to make someone listen to me when i try to explain Parker's sensory issues, so I love finding things others have written that explain it better. Also loved her "kit" ideas. Definitely going to work on that as melt-downs are a constant occurrence with us! Parker really struggles in public places- I think that's why so many melt-downs occur in the grocery store. He always complains it's too loud and there are too many people...


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