Tuesday, May 10, 2011

We're Bringing Out the Big Guns

Since the day Lily discovered how to work zippers, she has been on a single-minded mission to strip herself naked.

Not during the day, mind you.

That would be way to easy for me to put a stop to.

No, her favorite time to strip is at night.  The cold, dark, middle of the night.  When everyone else in the house is sound asleep and snuggled under the covers of their cozy beds and no one wants to be awake.

Well, no one except the Bird.

We have tried everything.

She has slept in footie pajamas with a t-shirt over it to conceal the zipper. We have put shorts on under the footie pajamas.  We have put duct tape over the zipper pull.  We have purchased sleepers with an inverted zipper that you had to pull from the bottom up.

All of these were mere child's play for our escape artist and only slowed her down for a night or two.

For the last couple of weeks, I've been cutting the feet out of all her pajamas and putting them on her backwards.  But the neck on them looks pretty uncomfortable when worn the wrong way.

So I began searching the web yet again for another option.

Lo and behold, there is such a thing as back zip pajamas, purposely made that way for children who like to strip themselves naked in the middle of the night.  I must admit it was quite comforting to know that Lily is not the only four year old headed for a stint at Hippie Hollow.

The pj's are called the Little Keeper Sleeper and they look like this:

The website states:  "Even a little Houdini could not get out of this Little Keeper Sleeper."

Well, I assure you Lily is up for the challenge so time will tell if that is an honest claim.

It has kept her warm and clothed for a week now.  That 2-way snap closure system is quite tricky, if you ask me. Let's just say I'll be surprised if she can get them off but I won't be shocked.  I am rarely shocked at anything anymore.

The sizes begin at 18-24 months and go to a size 7/8 - perfect for those of us with older special needs children.  You can choose from three styles:  footed, footless with long sleeves or footed with short sleeves.

One sleeper is $19.99 but each one you order after that gets a bit cheaper.  I know it seems high for pj's but you can't think of it like that.  Think of it as spending $20 for a good night's rest.  When I'm changing sheets and pajamas at 3 AM, $20 would seem like Monopoly money to me.

Give 'em a try.  It just might mean a full night of uninterrupted sleep.  WooHoo!


  1. Maybe she's hot?

  2. I hope they come in other colors!!


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