Monday, January 3, 2011

Hello Routine! I've Missed You.

Today is Lily's first day back at school.


Oh - sorry about that.

I had a little trouble containing my excitement there for a minute.

I'm not usually the kind of mom who looks forward to sending her kids back to school.

I like hanging out with my girls, staying up late and sleeping in with no particular schedule.

While Lily doesn't mind the staying up late part, she hasn't quite grasped the sleeping in part.  That presents a problem for a mom who doesn't function well on little sleep.

And at some point, the lack of a schedule starts to become a problem.

Like when no one has anything clean to wear.  And there's nothing to eat in the whole house.  Or you can't walk through the living room without risk of injury from Polly Pockets or Legos.  Or you roll over and hear your daughters playing the Wii at 3 AM.

Then you realize that you cannot continue to live this way.

I think that all of us do better on a schedule.

Especially Lily.

When communication is difficult and there's no routine of any kind, every activity of the day is a surprise.  And surprises are no longer fun when you live your life that way.

But when you have a schedule, the days have a rhythm to them.  There's comfort and security in knowing what to expect.

Life simply runs a little bit smoother.

And I'm a big fan of smooth.

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