Tuesday, January 18, 2011

It's Here!

Monday nights mean Julie, our wonderful babysitter comes over to hang out with the Bird.  So we either have a date night or take the big girls along with us to do something fun.

Last night, it was just Ryan and me.

A sweet person in our congregation gave Ryan a gift card to Family Christian Store so we headed there to do a little browsing.

Imagine our surprise when we saw these....

sitting on a store shelf!

Do you see it???

It's Ryan's book!  The one titled "Walls".

We were so excited!

Now technically, the book is not scheduled for release until February so I think someone stocking shelves at the store might have jumped the gun just a bit but it was still quite exciting to walk in a store and see a book you wrote just sitting there.

I don't know if you can see in the picture, but Ryan's surrounded by some pretty good company... John Piper above and Max Lucado to the left.

Of course, Ryan is now working in hyper-speed because the website that corresponds with the book is not exactly ready for it's debut just yet but I say, "Who cares??  Your book is in a store!  A real store! Where people shop!  How cool is that??"

Today, I'm going back to this exact same store. 

I want to see if there's a stampede of people wanting to be the first ones to actually get their hands on the few books that snuck out early.

I want to see people in a line out the door, demanding a copy of the book.

I want to be spotted, watching the crowd from the safety of my vehicle, and hear someone yell, "There's his wife!  Give us a book, lady!"

Then I'll speed away, fearing for my safety.

Follow the script, people.  

Don't let me down.


  1. How exciting! I think we should have a big party at Rudy's to celebrate! :)

  2. Whatever made you think of Rudy's??? You don't think he'd rather have a party somewhere like LaMadeleine - with soup and quiche?

  3. I know that in the excitement I bought two copies and Clay bought two so with the multiplication theory they will all be gone--soon!

  4. Sharon - I'm so proud you figured out how to post a comment. It makes me so happy! :) I didn't think about the multiplication theory in regards to book sales - but I like it!


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