Sunday, January 30, 2011

The 100th Post!

We've reached a milestone here at Along Came the Bird - 100 posts!

Thanks to each and every one of you for reading, commenting, following, and just generally making it fun for me to write.  I'm looking forward to the next 100 posts and hope you'll stay with me for the ride.

To celebrate the occasion, I thought I would make a list.  

A simple list of random things that make me happy, that bless me, and make me smile, written in no particular order.

So without further ado, I give you...

Lana's List of 100 Blessings 
  1. My sweet husband.
  2. My three wonderful daughters.
  3. My homey home.
  4. My small front and back yard.
  5. Watching Lily on her swing.
  6. Watching all the girls on the trampoline.
  7. Hearing my big girls laughter float down the stairs.
  8. Watching Ryley play basketball.
  9. Watching Reagan dance or knit. 
  10. Reading. 
  11. Seeing my big girls enjoying reading.
  12. Spending a few hours in a bookstore.
  13. Dunkin Donuts coffee with Italian Sweet Creme creamer.
  14. Fage greek yogurt with fruit.
  15. Oatmeal - but not instant!
  16. Almost any kind of soup.
  17. Sonic Diet Dr. Pepper with Vanilla.
  18. My wonderful church family.
  19. My sweet, sweet, sweet friends.
  20. Seeing Lily do sign language.
  21. Peanut butter and banana sandwiches.
  22. New shoes.
  23. Cold weather.
  24. Thunderstorms.
  25. Eating supper at the table with my family.
  26. Wood burning fireplaces.
  27. Burt's Bees lip balm.
  28. Clean sheets on my bed.
  29. Black eyed peas and cornbread.
  30. The people of Guatemala.
  31. Working in Pueblo Modelo (Guatemala).
  32. Playing Farkel.
  33. Seeing Lily make positive progress.
  34. Reagan's sense of humor - she's pretty hilarious!
  35. Ryley's leadership skills.
  36. Just Dance 2 on the wii.
  37. 80's music.
  38. Finding a good, supportive doctor who really listens to me.
  39. Lily's amazing, incredible, fantastic therapists.
  40. The super duper teachers at my big girls' school.
  41. Fiction books that help me escape.
  42. Non-fiction books that teach me something.
  43. The air-conditioned and heated seats in my car.
  44. Target.
  45. The "buddies" who help the special needs kids at our church.
  46. Pedicures (especially when my mom pays!).
  47. Traveling. 
  48. Hugs and kisses.
  49. Trying new recipes.
  50. Watching Lily work the iPad like nobody's business.
  51. Making treats for Lily's therapists.
  52. A little time alone.
  53. The mothers of special needs kids support group I attend.
  54. The family support group I attend.
  55. Discovering a Bible verse that's just perfect for the moment.
  56. Listening to praise music.
  57. Chips and queso.
  58. Taking a nap.
  59. Helping someone out.
  60. Scratching things off a to-do list.
  61. Going to bed early.
  62. A weekend with nothing to do and everyone at home.
  63. Finding cash in a pants pocket or the washing machine.
  64. Soft, fuzzy socks.
  65. Warm chocolate chip cookies and really cold milk.
  66. Hearing something wonderful about my girls.
  67. Watching Reagan be a big sister.
  68. Hearing another parent yell "Good job Ryley!" at a basketball game.
  69. Sleeping while it rains all night long.
  70. Watching strangers do really nice things for other strangers.
  71. Laughing with Lily when her giggle box is turned over.
  72. Watching Ryan chase Lily around the house while she screams like a girl.
  73. Watching Lily eat oatmeal with a spoon all by herself.
  74. Putting Lily to bed early and then watching favorite TV shows with Ryan.
  75. Julie, our precious babysitter.
  76. Leaving the beauty shop with my hair freshly colored.
  77. De-cluttering.
  78. Trading a hideously ugly door-knocker back and forth with my brother & his wife.
  79. When my parents come to visit.
  80. Having my in-laws in Austin.
  81. A full refrigerator.
  82. People who have a soft spot for special needs individuals of any age.
  83. Writing this blog and hearing from you.
  84. My Crock-pot.
  85. Real Simple magazine.
  86. Making someone laugh.
  87. Inside jokes. 
  88. Getting together with friends.
  89. Knowing that at some point in the above evening, CB will sing at least once.
  90. Playing Balderdash with the Barton family.
  91. Lily's friend, Zoe.
  92. Learning something from my kids.
  93. Lily's "safety bed".
  94. Knowing that God is in total control so I don't need to be.
  95. Seeing God show up in some way every single day.
  96. Appreciating the little things that I used to take for granted.
  97. Photoshopping family pictures so all of us look good.
  98. Letting go of "normal" and just letting it be.
  99. Packing a really good lunch for my kids that they actually eat.
  100. Learning to enjoy the journey that God has planned for me.
I could keep going but I guess I'll wait until the 200th post!

Have a great Monday!


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