Tuesday, January 11, 2011

There's Someone Else in My Life

Do you think it's normal to have a crush on an appliance?

I hope so because I think I am seriously falling in love with my crock-pot.

I mean, I've always had a fond affection for it.

Who wouldn't?

Just dump in a few ingredients, plug it in, and let it go to work.

I don't think you can get much easier than that.

But lately, I find myself actually looking forward to the mornings.

After everyone heads out for school and work, that's when I can get out the crock-pot and we can start working our magic together.

I choose a recipe, gather my ingredients, deposit them in the crock, stir it all up, and turn it on low.

Cooking is done.

Can you get any better than that?

But let me tell you what I did last night.

Are you sitting down?

Because this is BIG.

I used my crock-pot during the night to make oatmeal for this morning.

Y'all.  Did you understand what I just said?

I  made breakfast while I was sleeping!

I call that the ultimate in multi-tasking.

When I came in my kitchen this morning and breakfast was already made, I was simply overcome with love for this wonderful tool whose only goal is to make my life easier.

And I'm using it right this moment for our supper tonight.

I can hardly see the keyboard for the tears of joy I'm shedding right now.

Lana + Crock-Pot = True Love Forever


  1. Oh girl....my slow cooker and I are BFF's!!! There is nothing like coming home and....(breathe)....having dinner ready before you really even start making dinner...(wait...not sure that made sense) I mean my attention span is so slight sometimes that I get home and can't remember that I actually had to prepare the stuff in my slow cooker... So it's kinda magical....instant food....poof!

  2. This is me and my Roomba. Go to bed while I vacuum? Yes, please!

    (And, by the way, I just found your blog. Hi! Nice to meet y'all!)

  3. Welcome Shannon! Glad you found us! So.... one question - does the Roomba really work??? And now I'm off to lurk around your blog!


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