Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Mission Almost Impossible

Last week, Ryan and I had to do one of our most dreaded chores.

We had to take Lily to get a haircut.

Most of the time, taking a kid to get a haircut is really not that big of a deal. They may not love it but you can usually distract them with candy or a toy.

Now they have those cool kid salons where they can get a haircut while watching a movie or playing video games. And they can sit in a Barbie jeep or a fire truck.

Since the stylists are used to working with kids, it's generally a quick and painless process.

I might even dare to say that it's actually fun for some kids.

Not so for Lily.

Our plan for a simple haircut looks like something from Mission Impossible.

Please click below for theme music before you proceed.

Team Rush
Here is your mission, should you choose to accept it.

Phase I
Lana - Enter salon and sign in.
Ryan - Run Lily ragged on the sidewalk outside salon until her name is called.
Lana - Deliver the signal to Ryan that it is time to proceed with haircut.

Phase II
Lana - Describe desired haircut to stylist.
Ryan - Hold Lily in chair while preparing DVD player.

Phase III
Haircut Begins
Lana - Feed Lily endless snacks.
Ryan - Continue to hold Lily still.
Lana - Tell stylist Lily does not talk and won't answer her questions.

Phase IV
Lana - Tell stylist we are not here to chit-chat, just BE QUICK!
Ryan - Continue to hold Lily still and call it an upper body workout.

Phase V
Lana - Pay stylist.
Ryan - Carry Lily to vehicle and put in carseat.

Phase VI
Lana - Collapse in passenger seat.
Ryan - Proceed to nearest Sonic for Route 44 beverages to restore lost energy.

This message will self-destruct in 30 seconds.
Identical message will arrive in 6 weeks and mission begins again.

Since Peter Graves has passed away, I wonder if I can hire Tom Cruise to take Lily for her next haircut. I think I'll give him a call.

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