Monday, November 8, 2010

The Super Pinch

Throughout Lily's 4 years of life, she has packed some pretty serious weapons in her arsenal.  Biting, hair pulling, squeezing our hands while baring her teeth.... these are just a few things she has done to express both excitement and frustration.

We have all been caught off guard countless times and felt her joy or her wrath.

But she has recently added something new to her bag of tricks.

And that is The Super Pinch.

More than just a simple squeeze of the skin, this is a pinch with some mustard on it.

And it hurts.

And her most favorite point of delivery?

The.... ahem..... boob.

Men and women alike - she does not discriminate.

Pick her up and and she goes straight for the "sweet spot", shall we say?  This is just to ensure that you are looking straight at her and giving her your full attention.  And I must say, nothing gets my attention quite like The Super Pinch to the boob.

But my momma didn't raise no fool, and I have quickly learned to pick her up and grab her hands in mine in one swift motion.  This is especially important while out in public since there is nothing like trying to have a conversation with a total stranger while your daughter is pinching the fire out of your boob.

Thankfully, a small pinch to her cheek is usually the key to a quick release.  (and I mean a really small, not painful at all pinch, like your grandma used to do while telling you how much you had grown.)

The good news is her weapons tend to come and go so we'll endure this for a while and then it will one day just disappear.

And on that day, boobs everywhere will rejoice.


  1. Wanna borrow my iron clad bra? Just sayin'

  2. I would think a rejoicing boob would be kind of perky! :)

  3. ROFL!! I'm sorry. I laughed all the way through this post. I could not help it. I know, karma will come to get me but, you have to admit how funny this is- okay, painfully funny! :)

  4. Oh Karen - you nailed it! PAINFULLY funny.... glad it's gone - at least for now!


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