Monday, November 15, 2010

A Little Alone Time

Every Monday evening around 5:30 PM, a very good thing happens.

Our sweet babysitter, Julie, shows up at my house.

Now Julie is not your average babysitter - she's a babysitter with a bonus!  She's a fourth year University of Texas student who will graduate this May with a degree in Speech Pathology.  So while she's hanging out with Lily, she's also doing things to encourage her to talk.  

She starts cooking supper and getting ready for The Bird to come back to the nest after a long day at school.

This usually entails a series of stretching exercises, eating a quick bowl of Wheaties, and lacing up her running shoes.  Well....  not really.  But you do have to be on your toes around Lily Bird.

I deliver Lily to the kitchen table, give her an extra big squeeze and walk right back out the door - usually for a date with my sweet husband.

While I'm out gallivanting, my baby girl is being fed, showered, loved on and tucked in all cozy for the night.  I can gallivant much easier knowing Lily is being well-taken care of.

But this Monday night, Ryan had a meeting and couldn't gallivant with me.  I was on my own.

Now for some people, this might be alarming.  But I'm not one of those people.  I happen to like having a little alone time.  In fact, I'm usually a much nicer person if I get a little alone time on a fairly regular basis.

For my birthday last year, my mom and my mother-in-law sent me for an overnight stay at Barton Creek Resort all by myself.  Ahhhhh....  I got there at check-in time, immediately changed into sweats, took a nap, got a massage,  ordered room service, read until I couldn't keep my eyes open, slept through breakfast, rolled out of bed in time for a pedicure and manicure, then checked out of the resort and headed back to reality.

I was one happy momma when I returned home, which means the whole family was happy.

So I'm gallivanting alone and this is what I do:

  • Head to Costco for milk and apple juice  
  • Get Fire Bowl coconut soup to go
  • Eat said soup in car while flipping through a magazine
  • Go to Barnes & Noble and read free books for 2 hours
I know what you're thinking.

People could get arrested for having this much fun.  I'm not afraid, though.  I like to live on the edge.  I laugh in the face of danger.  

If some Monday night you happen to see me out gallivanting, approach at your own risk.  I could get you in some serious trouble with The Law.


  1. Sounds like you had a serious itinerary of fun to hang alone every once and a while...

    My day of fun
    1 hour of serious shoe/ accessory shopping (don't even have to buy anything)
    Driving down Congress Avenue to see if any "new" and fun places have sprouted up
    An alone-time movie at the Alamo Drafthouse ( one Chris would claim is too "girly")

  2. We should go shoe shopping sometime, Espy! I feel sure you could help me pick out something I've never thought of wearing. You go for style and I go for comfort - this is what happens when you get old! Though I won't be surprised if you're still sporting the 3 inch heels when you're 70! Reagan's favorite places on Congress Avenue - Hill Country Weavers and Big Top Candy Shop.

  3. You name the time and place...I mean even is open ALL night...

  4. I can't imagine you guys having different styles! I've never noticed that Espy can wear warrior six inch heels with fishnets to sing on praise team and everyone acts like she's in a sweater set from Ann Taylor with nurse shoes. I'm not jealous. As for alone time, sometimes I just go and sit in my closet and hope no one finds me. Speaking of Lily, Heidi wore her pants, jacket and boots yesterday. She looked sooo cute and it made me think of sweet little Lily all day.

  5. Can you see me in fishnets on a Sunday morning? I think not.... though I agree Espy can carry it off somehow. I love it when I see Heidi in "Lily clothes" - I need to clean out her closet and "reload" you!


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