Saturday, November 20, 2010

Getting Ready for Sunday

Being the preacher's family, Sundays are big days for us.  Most Saturday nights are spent putting the finishing touches on the sermon.   Everyone gets involved.

Ryan makes sure his powerpoint slides are in order while Lily searches youtube for any videos that might make great sermon illustrations.

It's tough being a preacher's kid.  All the work and none of the glory.  Sigh....


  1. a preachers kid...I can tell you that Saturdays were the days where Dad would practice his sermon in front of my sisters and I ...did I mention it was in Spanish......;)

  2. Espy, I don't think I knew you were a PK! Since you heard the sermons on Saturday, what did you do during the message on Sunday morning? Pass notes?.... plan cute outfits for school?.... count how many times he said one word?....

  3. Actually....I TOTALLY listened to him....or ...I took gum wrappers and made little cups...or....I colored all the "O's" in the bulletin....or...I talked to my friends and received my mom's famous "wait til we get home" stare from across the pew....or....I counted how many ceiling tiles there were...BUT I totally listened...seriously..I did...:)

  4. Ahhh the plight of the PK. I totally counted ceiling tiles, played dots with my brother, and even made and flew paper airplanes. I was called down from the pulpit once or twice. But the worst was after church when we almost always were invited to lunch. In North Louisiana, butter beans are almost always served with Sunday lunch. Gag. As PK it was my duty to eat those nasty things and then compliment the cook. I hate butter beans to this day!

  5. I don't mind butter beans but then again, I didn't eat them every Sunday! When I was much younger, a good friend's mom taught me to eat them on top of a big pile of rice and sprinkled with sugar.

    I must say that the ummmm... "activities" I'm hearing that you PKs participated in during church has me a little worried about what my girls are doing. I think I should start being more observant....


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