Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A Sad Story

So we're eating supper the other night.  Ryan opens the silverware drawer to get a fork and there aren't any. I suggest he look in the other silverware drawer.

And I kid you not... he looks right at me in utter amazement and says, "We have another silverware drawer??"

A couple days later, Reagan can't find her sunglasses.  I suggest she look in the sunglasses drawer.

And I kid you not.... she looks right at me in utter amazement and says, "We have a sunglasses drawer???"


We have lived in this house since June! (I realize this statement would pack a lot more punch if I could say we've lived in this house for 10 years but this is what I have to work with.)

If something happens to me, someone please come over here with a label-maker, uncurl Ryan from the fetal position, and help a man out.   Please.  Don't let my work be in vain.


  1. Consider it done...I'll be over with my label maker....

  2. I don't even think Gabe knows where the towels go, but the man can cook! So whatever. Espy, your husband probably carries a label maker in his pocket.

  3. Oh, cooking is good! The last time Ryan cooked for me, I was pregnant with Ryley. I sat down to eat, took one look at the food, and ran to the bathroom to puke. He said if that's what I thought of his cooking, he'd never cook again - and I don't think he has!

  4. too funny. I don't think I am organized enough to have anything labeled unless it is the junk drawer!


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