Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Cracking the Code

Remember yesterday's post when I told you that Lily has been adding to her "menu" of gibberish?  And how we had that two hour conversation in the middle of Monday night?

Well, I think I figured out what she was trying to say:

"Hey Mom -

Guess what?  Tuesday night at 12:20 AM, I'm going to throw up!  And again at 1:50 AM.  And again at
3:45 AM.  We're going to get to spend another night up together!  Woohoo!"

Calgon, take me away....


  1. Do you need a Lily-Webster dictionary? I think I have one in my other purse.....

  2. Actually, I would prefer it if you just came over with your dictionary and clean up the vomit while I sleep! I've got your number in my speed dial...

  3. Tempting......;)

    But call anytime....I'll bring some coffee, a pillow pal and powdered doughnuts....Lily and I will hang while mama takes a cat' relz

  4. You are sweet but I must warn you - Lily can eat her weight in powdered doughnuts!


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