Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Singin' the Praises

Have you discovered the Big Kid's SleepSack?

Oh my.

Can I just say "greatest invention ever"???

Well.... maybe not the greatest.  That would be a tie between Spanx and the air-conditioned seats in my Tahoe.

Here's what it looks like:

Big Kids' Halo SleepSack - Purple
Buy new: $19.99 
1 Used & new from $19.99 

Let me just point out a couple of the finer features of this amazing garment.

One - Lily stays covered up all night long.  No worrying about her freezing her tushie off because she's flung the blankets to the far reaches of the bed.

Two - It has an inverted zipper.  Or in laymen's terms, the zipper is upside down.  Genius!  When Lily tucks her sweet chin down to her chest to sleep, she doesn't encounter an enormous cold metal zipper in the way.

Three - And my personal favorite.  Lily has not quite figured out the inverted zipper trick so she cannot unzip herself in the middle of the night, remove her diaper, wet all over the sheets, and then wake up at 3 AM wondering why she's wet and freezing her tushie off.

Thanks to the SleepSack, I've eliminated at least one of the reasons Lily wakes up at night.  Which also means I've eliminated one of the reasons I wake up at night.

And that, my friends, makes for one very happy momma.

Ahhhhh.... sweet dreams are mine again.

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  1. My sister actually got one of those for my niece a few months ago....she loves it too!!


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