Monday, November 28, 2011

Thirty Minutes of Fun

We had a great Thanksgiving - I hope you did, too!

Since all the girls were out of school, we decided to spend Friday at Morgan's Wonderland in San Antonio.  In case you aren't familiar with Morgan's Wonderland, it's an all-access amusement park designed especially for members of the special needs population.  You can read more about it here.

We've taken Lily there twice and she's really enjoyed herself both times.

So we expected pretty much the same this time, too.  You'd think we would learn to not have expectations of how things should go by now.

While Lily did have some fun, the fun happened in about the first thirty minutes of our arrival time and then she was ready to head back home.  No amount of bribery, cajoling, or even unlimited water play could convince her otherwise.  

So we packed it up and headed back home, earlier than expected but before utter and complete meltdown mode. 

I do have some pictures to share with you, though.  And I think you'll see that we did have a good time overall. 

Lily typically has two favorite things at Morgan's Wonderland - the roller slides and the water play area.  We save the water play for the very end of our visit because it usually requires a change of clothes upon completion. 

Since the Bird had already decided she was ready to leave by the time we hit the water area, that part was a total bust.  

But check her out working the roller slides like a boss. 

And one rule of thumb for all girls to keep in mind:  Even when swinging, you can still sit like a lady.

Then it was on to the carousel.  This picture cracks me up because Lily Bird looks so thoughtful - but it looks like evil thoughts might be running through her head, don't you think?  "Hmmmm..... World domination today or tomorrow???"

And then she wipes those evil thoughts from her mind and starts passing out the kisses.

And here's a shot of our family photographer, with my mother-in-law behind her.  Morgan's Wonderland is a family affair.

Another rule of thumb for girls - Never be so much of a lady that you don't indulge in snack time.

And while I'm not a photographer, I did manage to capture my big girls in a sweet moment.

Even though the Bird surprised us and we cut out "day of play" short, we're hoping to visit at least once more before it gets too cold.  Maybe next time, she'll love it and we'll have to drag her out.  

Who knows? 

Her job is to keep us guessing and our job is to keep trying.


  1. Love that second pic of Lily on the roller slide! she has that kind of look that says "oh, mamma -- you are in for a RIDE today!"

    You have such a beautiful family, Lana -- and I'm so glad you got to share some pics of your big girls too. Happy after Thanksgiving!

  2. I completely agree with M2LM. It's the second picture that's looks like what you'd find in the dictionary if you were looking up, "mischievous imp".

  3. Karla & Jim - You two are right. I totally forgot to make a comment about picture #2 but I do think it captures her personality perfectly! It's that exact look that keeps us on our toes! :)

    Cecilia - It's a VERY neat place! I wish there were more of them all over the world.

  4. Morgan's Wonderland is somewhere I had found accidentally online many months ago. I always thought it would be a fun place to visit. Glad to hear it is!

    Lily looks so adorable with her sissies! :)

  5. Cute pictures, looks like such a fun place.


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