Thursday, November 10, 2011

Giving Some Thanks

Since it's November and since it's the time of year that many of us start thinking of all the ways we've been blessed, I came across something on Pinterest (of course!) and thought it might be fun to try.

Dani, the author of the blog, Positively Present, came up with a fun way to remember all the things we're thankful for.

Rather than writing the same old list, take pictures!

And she calls it "Zoom In On Gratitude:  30 Day Photo Challenge".

Cute name, right?

And she's even given us a nice list of "thankful things" to take pictures of.  Check it out:

Pinned Image
Of course, we're already 10 days into November so I guess if we started today, it would really only be a 20 Day Photo Challenge.

Here's what I'm thinking:  For the next 20 days, pick an idea from this list.  Then snap away.  That's one picture per day for the next 20 days.

Then the first week of December, I'll have one of those linky things on my blog.  You can add a link to your single very favorite picture from the photo challenge.

Now, if you're an Instagram fan like me, take your photos and put an Instagram filter on them.  Tomorrow, I'm going to show you something really cool and fun I discovered that you can do with your Instagram photos.  I think it could be a great Christmas gift.

Don't try to guess what it is because I want to surprise you.

So, what do you think?  Are you game to try and capture some of your gratitude on film?

Come on - it'll be fun!


  1. I actually *just* downloaded Instagram last night... Wanna show me how to use it? ;-)

  2. I actually *just* downloaded Instagram right now. This probably seems like I copied and pasted M2LM's comment, but I swear I didn't. I've been seeing and enjoying the twitter instagram uploads I've been seeing ever since I became a twitterer. . . tweeter. . . someone who is on twitter.

    So this blog inspired me to download it. But the 30 day thing seems like work. I like the concept of taking pictures of what I'm thankful for though. . . just not in that particular format.

  3. Karla - it's so fun and easy! I bet you can figure it out but send me a tweet if you have trouble...

    Jim - You're such a fuddy-duddy, stick in the mud with a bit of a rule-breaking rebel mixed in. "I like the concept of taking pics, just not in that particular format". To that I say "Humph! Every party has a pooper, that's why we invited Jim."
    OK - I kid. The whole goal is to take photos then show us one in December. I guess I'll let your rebellion slide this time.

  4. that is the lamest 'dissing' I've ever received.

    I don't like your damn format. . . you know why?? It's not thanksgiving-y enough. It's more. . . scrapbook-y. Scrapbooks are not really my thing. BUT. . . I love the idea of taking pictures of things for which I'm thankful, and making some sort of . . . um. . . some sort of. . . well . . . scrapbook out of them. Shut up.

  5. Well, I will look forward to what is posted since I am electronically challenged enough as it is...LOL.

  6. So, I've been playing with the photos and now I want to see your stuff. How do I follow you?

  7. Very cool list! Ok, I'm in. (Thanks for the invite to Pinterest! I have to find some time to create some boards and look around!!)

  8. One of my favorite things to do is take pictures and I love the idea so am all in! It will be fun to see other pics too!


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