Tuesday, November 15, 2011


I'm thinking about something today.

Actually, I've been mulling it over since yesterday.... and off and on for the past five years.

I'm not even sure I can formulate my thoughts into complete sentences yet but I want to ask you something:

Do you ever wonder if your kids are truly benefitting from all the therapy you have them in?

I mean, do you ever stop and think if they would be any different from where they are today if you had just done nothing but kept them home and loved on them and allowed them to interact with your family in just the way that came naturally?

I'll elaborate more on Wednesday but I'd love to hear your thoughts.


  1. Every. Single. Time.

    Every time I sit in a therapy office... watch the therapist work with my daughter... pay a therapy bill... fight for another intervention...

    Is she really benefiting from this? Would she have picked that new skill up at this point in her life anyhow? Could I have taught her just as well myself?

    It's nerve wracking and I've forced myself to stop thinking about it. For now, we can afford Little Miss's therapies and for now, we're going to continue with them. But I'm afraid this is one area where hindsight will never be 20-20.

  2. I know it's not the same level of therapy that lily receives but both of my boys have speech on a weekly basis. Connor is on almost his third year of it. I am constantly second guessing our decision to do speech. Because of the time commitment we don't have near the time for just hanging out that we did with kaitlynn. No time for playdates or playground most week. Sometimes I just want to quit and be at home with them. Surely me playing with them and loving on them would provide all that they need. Guess I'll never know.

  3. Yes. Every single day.

    At first, I knew my son was benefitting from therapy because of the rapid and amazing improvements he made. Then, he kind of hit plateaus. That's when I began to wonder. But hey, I wonder the same thing about weight loss. I'll lose a 1.5 lbs. and then plateau for two weeks. Will I ever lose any more weight? Of course I will - as long as I stick to it. But when you cannot see it every day, and live in an instant gratification society, perhaps perspective is lost a bit.

    Yes, I think he would continue to learn on his own, but at what rate and with what behaviors? Should I take away one of his therapies and measure his self-learning rate? Depends on whether, like Karla said, it is affordable or not. When it is funded by the state, like we have here, I would never even consider taking my son out.

    I know my son would not have made the progress at the rate he has without his steady work with therapists. Even though I love him and play with him, I am his mom. He can't really work effectively with me all the time. He will listen to others where he will not listen to me and vice versa. Plus the interaction with others gives him something he desperately needs - and that is the social interaction.

    Sorry to go on. Very excited to hear what you are thinking... xoxo

  4. Almost a day doesn't go by that I don't question it. Especially when I'm tired and it's raining outside and I just don't want to leave the house. I know I'm capable of therapy in the home but would I have the same effect on him as his therapists do? How would he learn social skills?

    Usually all it takes is an especially trying day to snap me back to reality that at this point, he does need professional help. There is no way he would be where he is without therapists.

  5. I know my son is benefiting but my bigger question is, "At what cost???" To me, his sisters and to his own life as well. At what point do you say enough? I think that's what I'm wrestling with.

  6. I think if she was not in therapy you would be asking yourself, "Would Lily be further along if she was in therapy?" I think as moms, we always question ourselves. You have made the best decisions you can based on the information at hand and where your child is at that moment. No parent of any child can do more than that.

  7. There are times when i think. . . I wonder how much progress she's making is just because she's getting older and developing naturally. All the time. But when she's making progress, real progress, I question nothing. I say, "I don't care WHAT is causing her progress. I'll give it all equal credit. . . as long as it continues."

  8. I know exactly what you are talking about. We didn't know why our daughter was so "behind" and I kept focusing on what was wrong instead of relaxing and watching the progress that was being made. I do the best I can for her and I make sure she has time to let loose and just relax and play the way she wants to.
    We try and do what we feel is best for them at that moment and continue what works and scrap what doesn't. :-)

  9. Oh yes, I sure do! We're in a spot right now where we can't afford any therapy for our son. He is in an awesome special needs preschool class, and receives just a little bit of speech and OT every week through the school system... but of course it isn't as much as he needs. We do our best to supplement with our DIY therapy at home, but there's not a day that goes by when I don't wonder if he would be better with more help.


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