Thursday, November 17, 2011

I Can Bring Home The Bacon.... But Will Anyone Eat It?

Lily loves bacon.

She's been eating it for breakfast every morning for the last two weeks.  

Every now and then, I'll scramble some eggs or make some toast to go with it but since she leaves the other offerings lonely on the plate, I usually just serve up the meat.

But, as is typical for the Bird, it all comes to a sudden, screeching halt with absolutely no warning.

This morning, I seat her at the table and place the delicious food of her choice, the lovely bacon, in front of her.

And she proceeds to avert her eyes and turn up her nose.

Like she can't even look upon the offensive food.

Like she is pained that I would even think to serve her this dreadful pork product.

It does not matter that yesterday morning, she ate it like a starving woman.  And did the same thing the previous thirteen mornings in a row.


Today, she no longer likes bacon.

And she will not phase out of liking bacon.  She won't slowly pick at the bacon for a few days, giving me a hint that she is tiring of the same breakfast item.

Yesterday - she loves bacon.

Today - she despises bacon.

It's just one more way that little girl manages to keep me on my toes.


  1. Yep! Thank you for ghost writing a blog about Lily's eating issues and even keeping her name consistent for me so i don't have to modify it.

    *copies and pastes*

  2. Ah! Little Miss LOVES bacon, but unless it's shredded into 1/8" square pieces, she tends to pocket the first bite, make bacon chewing gum, and refuse to touch any other food until I do a sweep of her mouth and remove the now-sucked-flavorless offender!

    So, what's for breakfast tomorrow?

  3. Jim - Just know that this means your posts are fair game for me, too!

    Karla - "bacon chewing gum" - that's funny! Going with yogurt for breakfast. At least if she doesn't eat it, I didn't waste time cooking something...

  4. Haha! We get the same reaction around here. He will eat the same Gogurt for two weeks - exhaust the box. I'll buy a new round. Snub. Push away. Forget it. But - at our house, he will eventually rotate it back into the repertoire. I just never know when. ("sigh")

    PS - It would kill me to have uneaten bacon around! Thank goodness this is not on our menu here!! :)

  5. Same thing here too. I get so excited because Cam will eat something but then the very next day he throws it at me. Very frustrating!


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