Monday, November 21, 2011

Frozen Delights

Per Dr. Goldberg's plan, Lily Bird's diet consists mainly of meats and vegetables.

Well, mostly meats.

My daughter has never been accused of being a vegetarian.

She can have snacks, but the doc really wants no dairy or whole grains of any kind and very little sugars and starches. 

Those guidelines make for a pretty small list of snacks, especially most of the prepackaged kinds that I usually keep on hand.

So I continue the search to find snacks that fit the profile and that Lily will eat.

One of Ryley's friends, Morgan, who will be attending culinary school in the fall, came up with a lovely all-purpose "base" muffin recipe that I can pretty much tweak to fit whatever I think Lily will eat: apple muffins, banana muffins, dark chocolate chip muffins, and so on.

So that's been very helpful.

But last week, it hit me that I've been kind of focused on pantry-type snacks, those kind you just quickly grab off the shelf and throw in a lunch box.

I've been neglecting a whole variety of snacks that you might find in a freezer!

And thus began my quest to find some diet-friendly treats for the Bird, along with the help of my trusty Pinterest.

One treat was such a success, that I thought I'd share it with you.  This would be great for anyone unable to eat dairy, as well as anyone else out there who might be following Dr. Goldberg's diet.

The original recipe on The Reality of Skinny was for Healthy Strawberry-Banana Ice Cream.  Since Lily cannot have red berries of any kind, I subbed frozen sliced peaches for the strawberries.  I also used soy milk instead of almond since the Bird can't have nuts.

Goldberg-Approved Banana Peach Ice Cream

1 small banana
1 cup frozen or fresh sliced peaches
1/3 cup soy milk

Blend until smooth. Pour into containers and freeze.

That's it!  How easy is that!  And Lily loved it, which makes the recipe a keeper.  

Of course, she also loved bacon and now she hates it so we'll see how long this love of banana peach ice cream lasts.

As for the containers, I used these:

Baby Food Freezer Containers - 4 Ounce

They're four ounce freezer containers by Oxo meant for homemade baby food but they're the perfect size for a little ice cream snack.  They come in a set of four cups with lids and a storage tray.

The other frozen treat isn't an actual recipe.  I just took some of the Bird's plain soy yogurt that I sweetened with stevia and vanilla extract and froze some of it in those little freezer cups, too.

Considering that Lily likes yogurt, I wasn't at all surprised to see that this frozen version was also a hit.

Even though it's only two additions to the snack rotation, with our limited list, two makes a big difference.  

And one happy Bird!


  1. Wonderful idea! I don't personally like banana, but the ice cream sounds like something I might make an exception for!

    So, when are you going to share the muffin recipe? we could definitely use that in our house!

  2. Peaches are delicious! Love the simplicity of this and the containers! Good one mama! I'll have to give it a try. :)

  3. I'm glad you are finding some recipes that she will eat and a muffin base to tweak, that sounds like gold!

    And I'm with Mom2LittleMiss, recipe please! :)

  4. Just for you ladies - the muffin recipe will be posted tomorrow. I had to get permission from the chef! :)


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