Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Onward and Upward

Lily has now been under the care of Dr. Goldberg for almost a month.  If you're new around these parts and have no idea what I'm talking about, clicking here will get you all good and caught up.

We have a phone appointment with the doc himself Thursday evening and I'm expecting to hear bloodwork results as well as any findings on the fancy Neuro-SPECT he did on her brain.

I have to send in a weekly report to him via email and I've been very faithful to do that.  One section of the report is divided into Positives and Negatives.

Truthfully, we've been pretty heavy on the Negatives with not many Positives to report.

Until this weekend.

I have to tell you that we've been lucky in that our sweet Bird has always been a pretty affectionate kid. But this past weekend, she was incredibly lovey.

And it was lovely.

I would be in the kitchen, rinsing out dishes to load in the washer, and she would come up behind me, wrap her little arms all the way around and just squeeze me.  When I'd turn around and bend down to get a better hug, she'd lay her sweet head on my shoulder, squeeze me with her arms, and just smile the sweetest smile.

She's making better eye contact.

When I point at something, she actually looks to see what I'm pointing at rather than just looking at me in confusion.

Her use of the iPod Touch for communication seems to be much more intentional and purposeful.  Like when she is asked a question, her answers tend to make more sense.

And best of all, while she is still very active, there's been less of that frantic, frenetic running around like she's got ants in her pants and it's simply impossible for her to sit still.  She actually snuggled up next to me on the couch and, dare I say it?  She almost appeared... peaceful.

I would venture to say it was actually a pleasant weekend around the Rush house.  Unlike most of our weekends, which are spent trying to keep Lily occupied in ways that are not harmful, destructive or catastrophic.

Of course, there is still much, much more progress to be made.

But hey, we've learned to take what we can get with the Bird.

Yes, these are tiny baby steps.

But they are forward.

And that is a huge cause for celebration.


  1. YAY!! It's amazing how sometimes they plateau and it seems like forever before things change and then all of a sudden you notice they are doing something they never did in the past. Or how they are not miffed at something that used to put them over the edge. That great news.

    Yay for you guys!!

  2. Your post has made my day. Hugs to Miss Lily Bird from Grandma!

  3. It's an amazing feeling we get when there is progress and I can feel it through your post! So excited for you and Lily!! Sometimes it's like our children acquire this nuanced focus that just spreads joy all around them! I'm glad that this path is working for you. Eye contact and loving hugs are such special moments! I think when you sit where we do as ASD parents, these loving moments have an extra special meaning. :)

  4. Whew! Brought tears to my eyes, girl! It reminded me of the first time we saw progress with Craig. I'm gonna break into the ugly cry ... gotta go :)

  5. This is fabulous stuff!!!! What may seem like little things to other people can be huge for us mamas with autistic kiddos.

  6. Thanks everyone, for sharing in our excitement! I love hearing your words of encouragement - this group is something else! :)

  7. Sounds like a fabulous, positive weekend. Lomg may it continue. Hopefully, in time, all those tiny baby steps will add up to a big leap forward ;-)Love hugs from my child.... they are the best.

    xx Jazzy

  8. Wonderful, WONDERFUL news! I live for those moments when Little Miss slows down long enough to be lovey -- they're like the best candy in the world mixed with a decadent cappuccino. May the moments keep on comin!

  9. I just read this post and almost cried. I have been wondering if you were seeing any progress but didn't want to ask . . . and then reading this . . . words can't capture the emotion of joy. I am praising God with you for this wonderful weekend of love, and we'll just keep praying and trusting Him for more.

  10. I am positively thrilled at Lily's progress, however small. This really touched my heart and almost made me cry as well. I will be anxious to hear what Dr. G says about all of this. I am excited for the "baby" steps, but it was at least very noticable to you all. Rejoicing with you and your family. Still praying and expecting that miracle!


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