Friday, November 11, 2011

And Now.... The Big Reveal

So I mentioned yesterday that if you use Instagram for your photos, I found something really fun to do with them.

And that fun thing is...... Stickygram.

Stickygram turns your Instagram photos into lovely little magnets.  How cool is that??

The picture below is for a contest Stickygram is running right now but check out that fridge covered in Instagrams!

And look at this:

This person just had her first baby and she's charting her newborn's first year of life in Instagrams personalized by Stickygram.

Basically, all you do is take pictures using Instagram, select the images you'd like to have as magnets, and order them.  Easy as pie....

The magnets are about the same size as they appear on your iPhone.

They're sold in packs of nine for $14.99 with free shipping.

And your pack is nine unique pictures - not nine of the same picture like your kids' school photos are sold.

I think the magnets could be such a fun Christmas gift!

Teenagers could put Stickygrams on their lockers.  You could put Stickygrams on a magnetic white board in a mudroom.  Of course, the fridge is always a good place.  And with all the magnetic paint out there, the possibilities are almost endless for creating a totally personalized spot in your home to display all your favorite pictures.

If you're participating in the Zoom in on Gratitude: 20 Day Photo Challenge we talked about yesterday, then you're well on your way to having lots of lovely images to turn into magnets.

A whole display of things your family is thankful for.  What a fun way to celebrate the season and a lovely reminder of all our many blessings.

So give Stickygram a try - I think you'll love it!

And have a great weekend!


  1. okay. . . i can get behind this idea totally. I have no reservations about it at all. My sister-in-law just got married. . . i took a bunch of pictures. . . what would be better than 9 wedding pictures, commemorating her big day, in magnet format, on her fridge???? NO. THING.

    Bang! Done! Merry Christmas!

  2. Awesome idea. I love it. Much cuter than making my own photo magnets.

  3. A.W.E.S.O.M.E!

    Bookmarking... and now.... going to take more pictures!

    (Thanks, Lana!)

  4. I keep seeing this instagram stuff but don't understand. Is it one of those things you have to have a fancy cell phone for or something? Yeah...I'm still using an old fashioned track phone.


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