Friday, October 7, 2011

Thank You Mr. Steve Jobs

If you follow my blog somewhat regularly, you'll remember that I've mentioned Steve Jobs here a few times.

Mostly just hoping that he would adopt my family, shower us with Apple products, and allow us use of the private plane that I'm sure he owns.

But with his passing yesterday, I was reminded of what an impact he has had on my whole family.  I type blog posts (and other things) on my Mac computer.  I make phone calls, text, tweet and take lovely pictures on my iPhone.  I listen to my favorite music on my tiny iPod.  And last Christmas, both of my big girls each got their own iPads.

But I will be forever grateful for his impact on Lily Bird.  The iPad has opened a whole new world of discovery for my sweet girl.

Without the iPad...
  • how would we have ever know she could do this
  • how would she have discovered some of her favorite youtube videos like Rhino, It's a Big World, Baby and Disney Little Taps?  
  • how would we have endured lengthy car trips? 
  • how would Lily know how much fun it is to crawl totally under the covers and listen to music?
  • how would we be able to actually see with our own eyes just how smart our daughter is by watching her take to an electronic device so easily, like she was born to do so? 
But most of all, I appreciate Steve Jobs because he has given my nonverbal daughter a voice. 

Lily may never speak in a traditional manner, simply opening her mouth and using her words.

But because of Steve Jobs, I don't have to worry about Lily never being heard.

And for that, he has my eternal thanks.


  1. I know exactly how you feel. He left us with an amazing gift for our kids, didn't he? :)

  2. Here here! Steve Jobs was a huge influence on my life... Without him, I would have never gotten into computers...if I had never gotten into computers, I would hve never gotten my first job... Without my job, I would have never met my husband... You get the idea. The world lost a great genius on Wednesday and he can never be replaced.

  3. Have you seen this?
    I saw it at Toysrus today and thought of Lily. I am in no way insinuating that she is a baby, I just remember you saying she was tougher than an Otterbox and it looked pretty strong:). Just thought I would pass it along!

  4. Thanks for the heads-up Cecilia. I'm definitely going to look into this. And don't worry - I never look at age recommendations on toys anymore. If it looks like something that would work for Lily, I get it. Who cares if the manufacturer thinks it's for 18 month olds?? :)


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