Monday, October 31, 2011

Who's With Me??

First things first - I need to brag.

I just finished Workout Two of the Couch to 5K program.

Second thing - I got so many comments on Friday that I thought I'd start a little online Couch to 5K group. If you're ready to give this thing a try and want a supportive accountability group to run along with you, here's what to do:

  • Leave a comment here or on Facebook or Twitter by Thursday, November 3rd, telling me you want to participate.  
  • Give me your contact info - either email, blog address, Facebook name or Twitter "handle".
  • I'll publish a list of all participants on the blog on Friday, November 4th. 
  • I'll periodically send out reminders to encourage you, keep you motivated and offer accountability.
  • Being in charge of keeping you motivated will be very strong motivation for me!
For those of you not wanting to spend the entire workout looking at your watch, keeping track of seconds and minutes, I highly recommend the C25K app.  It'll keep track of what workout you're on and will let you know with a beep and a voice-over when you should be walking or running.  You can also put a playlist on the app so you'll have so music to run by.

Here's the C25K app for those of you with an Android phone.

Visit or for more information on the program.

I'm excited about this!  I feel kind of like a peppy aerobics instructor, leading her faithful followers in the quest to get fit.  So when you get an email from me, just picture this.... 

your very own personal trainer, complete with legwarmers and side ponytail. (No, that's not really me for any of you who might be wondering.  Or worrying.)

Now go Team Bird!  Get off that couch and run!  

But don't let the picture frighten you - let me know you're on the team!


  1. Danny and I are with you, Lana! When is the 5k? I need a goal or I'll just sit around eating Halloween candy while you send me upbeat emails.
    Lisa Wellman

  2. You did inspire me enough that I "liked" the FB page and looked at the app to download it. Now, I have to find the time which will probably be early mornings before the little guy is awake - once the time change happens! Hopefully, I can do it because I have a torn patella that has not fully healed. I'm not sure if it's possible... I will try to get going though! And - I need to find you on FB!! :)


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