Wednesday, October 19, 2011

California Fun

After finishing up all the medical chores on Tuesday, we decided to spend Wednesday doing only fun stuff. 

I don't think I've mentioned this yet but my mom and dad were with us in California.

We rented bikes in Marina del Rey and rode them all the way to the Santa Monica pier.  It was a nice, flat, easy ride of about seven or eight miles.

Of course, Ryan might disagree with the easy part as he was towing an extra 45 pounds.

After the bike ride, we headed off to meet up with my cousin Kevin, his wife Rachel, and their adorable son, Owen.  They live in Los Angeles where Kevin is an attorney.

The Farmer's Market is right by their apartment so we met them there to catch up and eat.

Here's me and Owen, just hanging out.  

I told you he was adorable.

I would've liked to have held my sweet cousin a bit longer but I was busy making unsuccessful attempts at getting Lily to not spill large diet cokes or fling spaghetti to and fro.

My mom and dad got in a little "Owen Time", too.

Of course, Ryan had to take a turn since he doesn't get too many chances to hang out with baby boys around our house.

While at the Farmer's Market, there was one of those little photo boards where you stick your head through the holes.  Ryan held Lily up so she could pretend to be a scarecrow.  Can you tell just how thrilled she is?

For some reason, this picture just makes me laugh out loud.  You can totally tell by the look on her face that she has no idea why we're shoving her head through this hole.  I can just hear her thinking, "What. Ever."

We ended the day back at our little beach house, just in time for a beautiful sunset.

Doesn't this look so peaceful?  

Well, lest you think that lovely sunset just lulled everyone off to sleep like a lullaby, let me remind you that Ryan and I were sharing a bed with the Bird.  

Which meant we ended our day laying in the bed, wrestling a pre-schooler resembling a kick-boxing greased pig until she finally fell asleep.  

Just wanted to make sure you got the real picture.


  1. The scarecrow picture made me laugh out loud, too, so I was glad when I read a bit further and saw your comment!

  2. Too cute! So glad you all got to have some fun. Loved the scarecrow picture too!

  3. I just saw this older post and thought I'd tell you that you look like an absolute kid in the picture of you holding the baby! And I mean that in a good way! You don't even look old enough to have any kids in that pic, much less 3! Gonna need the recommendation for whatever moisturizer you are using. ;)

    And, yeah, the scarecrow picture is pretty hilarious.

  4. OK Whitney - You are officially my new BFF! :) Flattery will get you everywhere around here....

  5. I'm glad Owen got to meet the Rush family! Love the "reality check" on the last picture. :) You are too funny!


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