Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Beach Bums

Since we didn't take a whole family vacation this past summer, we decided to take the big girls out of school and turn California into a little family get-away.

We stayed in a cute little house in Playa del Rey.  It was right on the sand and you could just walk off the back porch and be on the beach.

We all know how much Lily loves water and I thought she might like the sand, too.  But she wasn't quite sure what to make of it all.  

The first time we introduced her to the sand was on an evening walk, too cold for swimming.

In the middle of the sand and before you reach the ocean, there is a 22 mile bike path that runs along the shoreline.  Lily preferred walking on that to trudging through the sand.

Maybe it was the chilly temperature or maybe it was an attempt to avoid walking in the sand but she was feeling extra snuggly.

Ryley even got in on the cuddles.

I think Lily's overall feeling was that beach sand is some weird stuff.

Reagan, however, thinks that the beach is great.

Lily did play about 20 minutes in the ocean one warm afternoon but the water was freezing.  It felt like wading in ice water.  She loved the waves and would run back and forth, even sitting in the cold water. Then all of a sudden, she jumped up and headed back to the beach house, like she was done with that activity, realized she couldn't feel her legs anymore, and decided enough was enough.

It was a good trip but I don't think anyone in the Rush family wants to live on the beach.  We love Austin just fine, thank you.


  1. makes me miss california! i'm loving your hair in that first picture with lily...

  2. Thanks for the compliment, Kim! Reagan is my personal hairstylist when it comes to braiding - she likes to practice on me and I'm happy to oblige! :)

  3. It looks like a wonderful trip, Lana. I'm so glad your family got to enjoy some really special tomes... Together!

  4. Jealous........and we only live 90 minutes away from a beach.

  5. Could Lily BE any cuter? I think not....:-)

  6. Karla - It was fun but we were sooooo glad to get back home. You know what a week off from the regular routine can be like....

    Brian - It was nice but freezing! I'm used to the good ol' Gulf of Mexico - not all that pretty but you don't turn blue!

    Espy - I think not.....


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