Wednesday, July 27, 2011

All Clear On The Nasal Front... Plus Some Great News

Just in case you missed it, I posted a little something extra last night in honor of Reagan's birthday so be sure to read it!

So, the ENT visit yesterday turned out to be pretty uneventful.  She checked up Lily's nose and declared it free of foreign objects.  Just to be 100% certain though, she pulled up the scans from Lily's hospital stay and she could actually see the nasal passages.  So now we know for sure that her nose is free and clear.

I'm not going to lie - Ryan and I were really hoping that doctor was going to pull out some humongous lima bean or something and say, "Well, problem solved! Now go forth and cry no more!"

No such luck.

I'm all out of ideas so now we just wait to see if the behavior resolves on its own.

In the meantime, I have some wonderful, incredible, exciting news that is an answer to all of our prayers:

Lily is going to California!

Well, not all by herself, just to clarify.  Our whole family is going.

We got a phone call that Dr. Michael Goldberg, the doctor we were hoping to see in California, is going to take Lily on as a patient.

We are beyond excited!

The appointment isn't until October 11th but with the way time flies lately, it'll be here before we know it.

When I found out we were in with the doctor, I asked Reagan this: "Reagan, would you be interested in missing a few days of school in October to go to California?"

Her response?

"You had me at missing a few days of school.  I didn't really care what you said after that."

Can you tell someone is really sad that summer is just about over?

Thanks to all of you for your prayers for California.

Now, if you'll just pray that Lily will recover from whatever mysterious ailment is going on with her and that we have a nice, easy time of travel, I will love you forever!

And Mr. Steve Jobs, if you're reading this, October would be a great time to donate your private plane for a little flight from Texas to California and back, I'm thinking.  Have your people call me.  We'll talk.


  1. California - PTL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Cal-i-fornia, here you come!! Woohoo!!! I'm thrilled for all of you. We continue to pray Dr. Goldberg, as he prepares for Lily and focuses on her case.
    Hugs all around,

    P.S. "Don't put beans up your nose."

  3. Praise God! So happy to hear that the doctor will get to know precious Lily and your family! Great news to rejoice about!

  4. PTL! PTL! PTL! I am thrilled to hear prayers have been answered about Lily and the doctor in CA!! I know you all are so excited. I just know he will have some answers for you all. Praying for him to have great wisdom and discernment regarding Lily!

  5. So happy for the good news!! All of the rounding up and organizing of medical records has paid off and was worth the time and the effort! :) Good job, Mom!
    Praying that Lily is granted relief from whatever it is that has caused her such sadness and discomfort.
    Also praying for wisdom and discernment from Dr. Goldberg as he prepares for his first visit with her.
    And while I'm at it, praying that Steve Jobs realizes what great Apple advocates the Rush's are and rewards that with use of his plane!


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