Tuesday, July 26, 2011

My Baby is.... 15?!?

Pre-Post Note - I apologize for the weird gaps in between some of the pictures.  You know I am a technical dunce and my computer geniuses are at camp this week.  I'm pretty impressed that I managed to figure out how to do the scanning all by myself.  I can't be bothered with gaps, too.  Read on...

I know this is highly unusual but I couldn't miss out on putting another post up because today is a special day.

Today is Reagan's 15th birthday.

Fifteen years ago, I gave birth to the longest, skinniest baby the Askew and Rush families had ever seen.  At her two week check-up, the pediatrician told me to go home and put some meat on her bones.  I've been working on it ever since!

Reagan's at Student Life Camp this week and I'm finding it really strange to not have her here, putting a candle in her pancakes at breakfast and making Ms. Amy Lingenfelter Cake for after supper.

My Reagan is one of a kind.  Most people think she is quiet, maybe even a little shy.  But once you get to know her, you discover that not only can she talk your ear off, she's quick with the one-liners.  She is definitely the clown of our family.

One of the things I'm most grateful for is seeing what a great big sister Reagan is, something none of us would've known if The Bird hadn't come along.

Happy Birthday, my sweet Reagan!  We love you bunches!

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  1. First - be sure to tell Reagan HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Next...WOW! Cannot believe how much all your kids look like each other as babies and as they change to see their features change and grow. You and Ryan have great genes...YOU ARE ALL KEEPERS! LOL! Brings back fond memories of my own kiddos as they were growing up. Time flies when you are having fun.


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