Tuesday, July 26, 2011

We're Off To See The Wizard... I Mean ENT

First of all, I need to tell you that we made it through the evening yesterday with not a single crying spell or meltdown or anything.


We had a perfectly lovely night with our perfectly lovely baby girl.  And for that, we are quite thankful.

These 6 PM crying spells of Lily Bird's had me remembering when Ryley was a colicky newborn and we knew she would begin crying at 5 PM every day and it would last an hour and a half.  It was brutal.  Each day, as 5:00 approached, a knot would just start forming in my stomach.  It was like knowing something awful was going to happen and you could do nothing to stop it.  I was so happy when those days were behind us.

And I am hoping and praying that maybe we have turned a corner here and these 6 PM meltdowns will become a thing of the past.

The middle of the night was more rough than the last couple of weeks.  Lily saved her crying spell for 1 AM and she finally fell back asleep around 2:30.  After trying several things, I finally just got in her bed with her, something she generally doesn't like.  But I think she was so exhausted by this time that she just kind of collapsed beside me and fell asleep.

One final piece of the puzzle we're looking into today.... going to see an ENT at 1 PM to have Lily's nose thoroughly investigated.  If there's something up there, this doctor's going to find it.  And hopefully get rid of it.

I'll go ahead and let you know this - if there's something up there, I'm not taking pictures to share with you.  It'll be a full time job just standing upright, taking deep breaths and trying not to pass out.  I'm pretty sturdy with most medical procedures but something about the nose and foreign objects makes me feel a little woozy.

I can't tell you how many times I just shake my head at the irony of having not one, but two "medical" kids.

When I was in second grade, I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that I wanted to be a teacher.  I also knew, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that I never wanted to be a nurse.  I did go to college and get a teaching degree and I did become a teacher.

But I'll be danged if I'm not a nurse, too.

God does have a sense of humor, and He often displays it in my life.  Today's ENT appointment is just another example of that.

Have a great Tuesday!

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