Thursday, July 14, 2011

What's On YOUR Nightstand?

I have mentioned several times that I love books. 

And I love to read.  

It's the first thing I do when I have free time.  I usually carry a book in my purse or have one in my car so that anytime I find myself with a few extra minutes, I can read.

I could never work at a bookstore because I would never get a paycheck.  In fact, I might end up owing the store money on payday!

So let's take a look at my nightstand.  Here it is:

Looks nice, doesn't it?  

Organized.  Books in neat stacks.  Eyeglasses at the ready.  Kleenex, lotion, and lip balm nearby.  Everything needed for a nice time of settling in to read.

But, for the sake of full disclosure (and at the risk of my mom rolling her eyes), I have to be honest and show you this:

The stacks of books piled on the floor in front of my nightstand.  Just sitting there, patiently waiting to be read.

I just can't seem to help myself.  

I'm at the age now where forgetfulness is an everyday occurrence.  If I take the books from the floor all the way to the shelves in my office, I forget which ones I want to read.

Plus, my office shelves are pretty much full of books already so there's simply not room for too many more.  I could really use a trip to IKEA to purchase a couple more matching shelves but it's only been a year since Ryan put the last ones together (all five of them!) and I don't think he's ready to do more yet.

Some of you might be saying that I could just get rid of some books but I find it difficult to part with them.  I have pared down my books twice in the last year and I really don't think I have anymore that I can just give away.  I really need the ones I have.

Plus, my side of the bed is opposite the bedroom door so anyone glancing into my room only sees a nice organized nightstand and not the dirty little secrets I have hidden on the floor.  Only you, me and my family know about it.

Lest you think I'm only reading for pleasure, let me assure you that each stack on my nightstand is a certain "parking spot" for a certain type of book.

Back left corner are my books on autism.  That's actually the highest stack if you look closely.

Front left corner is whatever book I am currently reading and underneath that is a book called Listography that Ryley and I are "writing" together.  A book of nothing but topics for lists - sheer joy for both of us.

Around the lamp in both vertical and horizontal stacks are devotional type books that I can quickly grab in a moment when I need a little extra inspiration or encouragement.

Front right corner are my Bibles.

Books on the floor are in no certain order but they will be once the hit the nightstand.

Now you know that there is a bit of a method to my madness.

So it has come to this...

...piling books around myself and settling in, happy as a clam, to read.

My name is Lana.... and I'm a book-aholic.


  1. LOL! Wow, I am so glad I "purged" my books and that it is time to do it again. I do understand about "parting" with is definitely the reader in us. Thank God I have a Kindle now. I highly recommend it. You can carry it anywhere and have a book at your fingertips.

    Oh..I read a great article "Broken, Beautiful Butterfly at Check it out!

  2. I can books are like friends. I just cannot give them away. Even if they sit on a shelf forever. The spines remind me how great they are. Keep the books even if you have to put bookshelves in your dining room : )

  3. House to my self,I think I'll read Through my Eyes by Tim Tebow

  4. So thankful that I'm not alone in my obsession with books!!
    I have an extremely similar set up and my side is the opposite side of the room too -- It looks like we may even own the same lamp!!! Creepy or a kindred connection?
    There is just nothing like the feel and smell of a new book -- I know for me, it takes me to my happy place!
    btw -- Can't wait for Listography to be published! Already on my "Wish List" ;)


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