Friday, July 15, 2011

Fabulous Friday Finds

Since I've been on the Twitter, I get little updates on some of the most interesting and unique things people have discovered online.  I continue to be amazed at all the stuff there is out there.  Stuff I didn't even know I needed!

I thought it might be nice to share some of the those great items with all of you.  

The first one is called Safety Tats.

My first reaction to these was, "Why would I want to stick a tattoo on my child publicizing his diagnosis?"  But then I thought how helpful something like this might be at an amusement park or mall or sporting event - any venue with lots of people and the possibility of losing your child for a moment.  Their slogan is "Sticks to kids because they don't always stick to you", a statement that applies to all kids.

For kids with special needs, these could be even more helpful.  My nonverbal daughter is not going to be able to explain to an adult if she is lost.  But a tattoo would solve that problem.  Or how about a child going on a field trip who is highly allergic to peanuts.  Anyone can easily see the tattoo and know to avoid nuts.

And since most kids love wearing colorful band-aids and stickers on their bodies, I think a child wearing one of these cool tattoos would be the envy of their friends.

There are several kinds available and you can write any information you like on the tattoo.  You can even get them with those black and white code boxes that you scan with a smart phone so you can put even more information.  Might be nice if you don't want to have your child's name on the tattoo for everyone to read.

Chalkboard Place Mats just look like a fun item to have handy at a restaurant while you're waiting for your food to arrive.  Or in the car just to pass the time on a long drive.  Or even at home when you're trying to teach your child to stay at the table until everyone's done eating.  I think my teenagers would even like doodling on these.

I just discovered the French author Herve Tullet.  All of his books are quite intriguing but I especially like Herve Tullet The Coloring Book.

The Coloring Book

It's full of fun artwork and activities for kids of all ages - not your typical coloring book.  Here's one sample page:

If you find yourself becoming a fan, be sure to check out his other books like The Book With a Hole and Press Here.

Japanese masking tape is a fun and inexpensive way to decorate plain glassware.  You know how you see all those cute cups with fun summer patterns on them?  But who can afford to keep buying cups and where are you going to store them all anyway?  Stick this fun and colorful tape with all kinds of designs and patterns on your plain cups.  You'll look like you have tons of beautiful glassware - at a fraction of the cost and none of the storage!  It might even work on things like folders and notebooks for some fun school supplies.

Glass with Masking Tape

I saw these Emily Green imagination mats when we were on vacation in Aspen.  They are so bright and colorful and look just like kid drawings which I love.  The front side is Emily's artwork but the really neat thing about these laminated mats is the backside is plain white.  Each mat comes with write-on wipe-off markers and your child can create his own original artwork on the blank side.  Yet another fun way to keep kids busy at the table.

Toddler Bites Hot Dog and Sandwich Cutters may not seem like a truly necessary item and maybe they aren't.  But ask any harried mom who's trying to quickly pack multiple lunches on a busy school morning if she might like these.  I bet she says yes!

Bento accessories  are for those moms who are not harried in the mornings.  Those moms who rise before their children and get fully dressed.  Those moms who take the time to write personalized lunchbox notes for each child, complete with original artwork, and then tuck them in next to the homemade chocolate chip cookies.

You know who I'm talking about.

For those moms who want to send their child to school with the ultimate unique lunch, check this out:

Bento Lunch Decoration Accessories Value Set and Case for Bento Beginner
If you're using Bento style containers like I do, you can turn your child's lunch into a work of art and present it beautifully.  I myself have two children who do not care one bit if their cheese and ham are in heart shapes and their rice is molded into the shape of a fish.  I have one child who would love this but thankfully, she is old enough to do it herself.

Because I am not one of those moms.

Well, that's it for today, folks.  Enjoy your weekend and I'll see you Monday!

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