Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Happy Things in Life

I keep a list running in my head.

Not a to-do list or a grocery list.

No, this is a much more fun list than any of those.

It's my "Happy Things in Life" list.

It's full of random things that make me happy.  Stuff like a brand new tube of Burt's Bees lip balm, finding money in the pocket of a pair of jeans, getting a front row parking spot at the grocery store, a traffic light turning green just as I'm approaching it, or making a baby smile.

Nothing on the list is really big stuff.

It's not like a Bucket List of things I'm hoping to see or do before I die - just little unexpected things that make me smile throughout the course of a day.

Like when I make plans to stay home all day and it turns out to be cold and rainy.  

Or I think I'm out of Pull-ups for Lily and then I find a whole new package in the back of her closet.

So imagine my surprise when I heard about 1000awesomethings.com, a blog based on not one, but two books - The Book Of Awesome and The Book of Even More Awesome.

It's basically My Happy Things in Life list that someone actually thought to write down and get published!

Of course, not everything that makes the author, Neil Pasricha, happy are the same things that make me happy.

But I would've loved to have thought of this idea first - now that would've definitely been a happy thing in life!

Check out the blog for some fun, lighthearted reading that will make you keep your eyes open for awesome things all around you everyday.

And tell me - what makes you happy?


  1. Our little girl leaning in to me for a hug
    My morning coffee
    Singing in the car..by myself..loudly

    I love this idea of keeping track of happy things.

  2. Here are a few on my list:
    Carson's sweet smile
    Listening to Connor laugh
    Sonic Happy Hour
    A clean house

  3. 1.Making playdough in the microwave and watching the kid's decide which color to make it.
    2.Kissing my husband.
    3. Hearing my kid's sing along with Chris Tomlin and messing up the words, "And together we sleep...Holy is the Lord.."

  4. One of my most favorite things is going to the movie with my husband (matinee price only, of course!)

    Also, I keep a gratitude journal and write in it each night five things for which I am grateful (very similar to your happy list). It causes me to "notice" little things during the day that I might otherwise take for granted ... and big things, too, of course. One that made my list recently was receiving a good book to read from some dear friends - and the fun story of how it got delivered.

  5. These are all great happy things! It's so much fun to look for those things that make us smile - helps us to really live in the moment, too!

  6. Watching the facial expressions of children and grandchildren not just at times of excitement and surprise, but at the little things in life that come. Loved Mary's idea..I used to do that as well, need to get back to it!
    Sonic Route 44 Green Ice Tea (at Happy Hour of course)
    Fresh baked chocolate chip cookies with icy cold milk.

  7. 1. Sounds of water - from a fountain, to a babbling brook to the ocean waves
    2. Children at play (close your eyes and listen when at the pool or at a playground)
    3. Sitting outside on a cool fall day, with a book and some hot chai tea latte
    4. Checking the last thing off of a to-do list and still having time left in the day.
    5. Reading other people's happy lists (great question!)


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